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Post by agil

I like that this software is so open about it's advertisement policies, and I like the software, so I had an idea that might help support the project.

I almost never turn off my adblocker, so I like the donate feature for people who want to support the project. I noticed that instead of an advertisement in the installer, it's a picture of an animal instead. While this is super cute, I understand that you've got to support yourself somehow.

My idea/opinion is that I'm totally fine with a single advertisement during installation, but I'd like the option to see it or not. Before you show the ad, maybe a quick window with options: Donate, Support with Ad, Skip. Or something along those lines.
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Post by VladimirII

I guess the payout of the advertisment is linked to the number of downloads of the installer.
So there have to be two installers discriminating that. What for sure is creating confusion which to use bla bla.
Or FFS is calling home during installation.
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Post by xCSxXenon

No one is going to opt into seeing an advertisement during installation. That monetary value is so low that it is not worth implementing. Ads don't pay much