Only Scan for Exisiting File on Left Side?

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Post by kevinluk07

Hi all, I'm working with fifteen thousands of small files over FTP, I've made a copy locally, modified ten thousands of those, and delete the rest in hope of the sync goes faster. Instead of overwriting with the new ten thousands, I wanted to do an update sync without deletion to see if I left any temporary files on the local side that does not exsist on the server.

My FTP server isn't the fastest, and I'm wondering if there is a trick to just search for files that exisit on left side, instead searching for everything on the right side recursively. I think it would be quicker this way since there should be thousands of files/directories that could be ignored.

I don't need move detection of files.

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Post by therube

Is Local the source or is FTP?

If you run an Update Compare from Local to FTP, won't that show any files on Local that are not on FTP?
(Assumes your filters are not excluding wanted files.)
I wanted to do an update sync without deletion
Again, Local is source, FTP is destination?
After the sync, shouldn't there be nothing left on Local that is not on FTP (again assuming excludes aren't affecting things).

I'm not quite sure what an "Update ... without deletion" is (unless you mean, without deletion from source, Local, which assuming source is Local, an Update wouldn't delete from there in any case).
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Post by kevinluk07

Hey Therube, thanks for your help! Thankfully the scan/compare didn't take longer than 40 minutes, but for academic pursposes:

Local is the source, and update is the correct varient like you said. I just needed to disable "copy new item to right". "Delete right item" is off by default.

I was just curious on the way FreeFileSync does it's compare/scan. If I'm not deleting anything on the right side (like the default update) than wouldn't it be quicker if can just look for files that exist on the left instead of recursively looping through thousands of irrelevant directories on the right? I know that the Synchronise variant is independent of the comparison, meaning that I can change sync variant without need to do the comparison again. But being able to skip directories on the right might save some time.

Speaking of which, given that FFF create lock files and all that, why does it needs to re-compare everything when I switch from "File time and size" to "File size". And I can't view only items that have different size when it was compared for "File time and size", given that there could be newer files with same size. The reason I needed it is because I have been doing image optimisation, and I wanted to keep the smaller copy.

It's also interesting that I cannot selected any sync options for files that are equal. Obviously this is not the aim of the software, but I ended up right-click copied the files that have different size to another folder, so I can have a folder only with the successily optimized image.

Again, I'm actually done with this sync, but it will be good to know more. Thanks!