File Sync Missed a Lot of Files!

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Post by ckolling

I have performed a sync of a large directory on one server to another server. The initial sync was taking all files in selected directory to empty server on target side.
Turns out, nearly a hundred files (those are the ones i discovered at least) were missing on the target side. I did the default file size and date comparison. Did a few differential syncs, they still were missing.

This is very alarming, as the source server is going to be retired, and i would have potential data loss if i did not catch this. Who knows how many other files are missing?

I kicked off another comparison, this time using file contents. It showed over a hundred files that were not on the right side, and am performing a sync now.

How can i trust the software? What is a best practice workflow to copy a directory with lots of little files in many directories over to an empty directory on another server?
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Post by Plerry

Did the FFS log-file of the initial (date+size) syncs report any warnings/erros about the seemingly missing files?
Note that FFS excludes files, file types and folders that meet one or more of the Exclude Filter specifications from that sync. Consequently those files will not be synced.
Are the seemingly missing files of a specific file type?
However, Exclusions do not change when changing Comparison settings.
Did you only change the Comparison settings from date+size into contents or did you define a new sync? The devil is often in the detail.