Add FFS to Winget

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Do you plan to release in the future FFS to Winget ( ?
Thank you
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I am also using WinGet to install applications and to keep my installed applications up-to-date.
Unfortunately FreeFileSync is not available on WinGet, so I requested it on GitHub:

The official answer from WinGet was:
Blocked due to no silent install; The publisher requires the paid version to be able to perform a silent installation
It would be very useful to have FreeFileSync on WinGet, because I can install FreeFileSync with one little command:
winget install FreeFileSync
I also can update all my installed apps with one little command:
winget upgrade --all
I am a donor user of FreeFileSync for many years now and I really would love to see the donor version of FreeFileSync on WinGet!
Thank you!

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I second this suggestion!
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I am using winget to install all my software. FreeFileSync is the only application I need to install manually by downloading the installation files from the web site. Please add it to winget!
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I just discovered the absolute bliss of using Winget via the WingetUI and was very disappointed not to find FFS worked with it. After using Winget, I am slightly annoyed at apps that require downloading/updating. I love FFS, but this would be the cherry on top.
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This would be very useful