File syncronisation - only LEFT Folder to RIGHT Folder

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I'm new. How can i make a batchJob, which sync's only new and updated files from
LEFT to RIGHT folder ONCE !!!
When I have deleted the file on the right Folder, the batchjob shouldn't sync this file TWICE.

Thanks for help
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I'd think that would be a tough one?

Maybe you could do something with an exclude filter (but that might not be particularly efficient)?

Maybe you could "sync once", then move all the files from Left to a differentdirectory.
Then as you work from that differentdirectory, move new/updated files into Left, sync, then move those same files back from Left, back into differentdirectory?

That way, they would sync once, & unless you made changes in differentdirectory & then moved (could even be a sync) them to Left, they would not repopulate deletes on Right.
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It seems you could use the time-span filter.
Then simply define your time-span to start on the date of your previous sync