FreeFileSync Open Source File Synchronization

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FreeFileSync User Manual:

Tips and Tricks

Change settings with a single mouse click: Press and hold the right mouse button until the context menu is shown, then release while over the selection:
Comparison settings context menu Filter context menu Synchronization settings context menu
Select multiple configurations at a time:
Select multiple configurations Select a few items via mouse, and refine the selection by holding the Control key while clicking.
Start comparison directly by double-clicking on a configuration:
Double-click on configuration
Synchronize multiple folder pairs at a time with different configurations:
Add folder pair
Start synchronization directly without clicking on compare first:
Start synchronization directly
Move a window by clicking on a free area and holding the mouse button:
Move dialog via mouse
Open a batch configuration for edit via the Windows Explorer context menu:
Explorer context menu
Drag and drop two folders at a time from Windows Explorer to fill a folder pair in one go:
Two-folder drop
Copy files selected on the main dialog to an alternate folder and thereby save a "diff":
Copy to alternative path
Use a volume name instead of a drive letter:
Drive letter by volume name
Show thumbnail icons via the column header context menu:
Show thumbnail icons
Save the current view filter selection as default:
Save view filter settings
Remove local settings from individual folder pairs:
Remove local settings
Remove obsolete paths from the folder drop-down list by pressing the Delete key:
Remove drop-down path
Select a time span for files to include via the date column context menu:
Select time span
Double-click on comparison and synchronization variants to confirm the dialog:
Double-click comparison variant Double-click synchronization variant