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Download FreeFileSync 10.5 Windows Setup
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Latest Changes

FreeFileSync 10.5
Oct 11, 2018
New file matching considering Unicode normalization
User-configurable timeout for FTP and SFTP
Obsoleted old CHM manual in favor of PDF
Ignore case sensitivity during filter matching (Linux)
Unicode-normalized, faster case-insensitive grid search
New button to save current view filter settings as default
Both slash/backslash can be used in filter expressions
Improved Unicode case conversion routines
Keyboard shortcuts for swap sides (F10) and view (F11)
Don't steal focus when closing progress dialog (macOS)
Fixed shutdown crash when accessing destroyed state
Fixed file grid column order not being preserved
Fixed manual activation fields being disabled (macOS)
Fixed FTP parsing error due to invalid folder time
Fixed statistics boxes background distortion (macOS)