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Release Archive

Download historical FreeFileSync releases.

FreeFileSync 13.6
Please find the current version in the Download section.

FreeFileSync 13.5
Wrap file grid folder paths instead of truncate
Fixed sync operation arrows for RTL layout
Fixed FTP hang during connection (libcurl regression)
Consider user-defined file time tolerance for DB comparisons
Don't log folder pair paths if nothing to sync
Download FreeFileSync 13.5 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.5 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 13.4
Ignore leading/trailing space when matching file names
Work around wxWidgets system logger clearing error code
Fixed registration info not found after App Translocation (macOS)
Avoid modal dialog hang on KDE when compiling with GTK3
Change app location without losing Donation Edition status (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 13.4 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.4 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 13.3
Completed CASA security assessment for Google Drive
Use system temp folder for auto-updating
Ignore errors when setting directory attributes is unsupported
Save GUI sync log file even when cancelled
Fixed Business Edition install over existing installation
Updated code signing certificates (Windows)
Download FreeFileSync 13.3 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.3 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 13.2
Complete high-DPI/Retina display support (macOS)
Prevent files from being moved to versioning recursively
Fixed tooltip line wrap bug for moved files (Windows)
Return first FTP parsing error when trying multiple variants
Allow file times from the future for Linux-style FTP listing
Fixed setting modification times on certain storage devices (Windows)
Fixed bogus "Sound playback failed" error message (macOS)
Fixed rename dialog text selection wobble (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 13.2 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.2 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 13.1
Keep comparison results when only changing cloud connection settings
Sync button: indicate if database will be used
Remove leading/trailing space during manual file rename
Set environment variable "DISPLAY=:0" if missing (Linux)
Support dropping ffs_gui/ffs_real config on RealTimeSync directory input field
Download FreeFileSync 13.1 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.1 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 13.0
Rename (multiple) files manually (F2 key)
Configure individual directions for DB-based sync
Detect moved files with "Update" sync variant (requires sync.ffs_db files)
Update variant: Do not restore files that were deleted on target
Distinguish file renames from file moves and simplify grid display
Fixed ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED when copying files with NTFS extended attributes
Fixed error during process initialization while connecting with quick launch
Avoid redundant file reopen when setting file times during copy
Set working directory to match FFS configuration file when double-clicking (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 13.0 Linux Download FreeFileSync 13.0 macOS Download FreeFileSync 13.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 13.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.5
Merge logs of individual steps (comparison, manual operation, sync)
Show total percentage in progress dialog header
Log and report errors during cleanup or exception handling
Skip folder traversal if existence check fails for other side of the pair
Automatically adapt batch options to prevent hanging a non-interactive process (Windows)
Support path lists for external applications: %item_paths%, %local_paths%, %item_names%, %parent_paths%
Create directory lock files with hidden attribute
Don't clear other side when right-clicking file selection
Fixed passive FTP when using different IP than control connection
Work around FTP servers silently renaming unsupported characters of temporary file
Download FreeFileSync 12.5 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.5 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.4
Show dynamic error and warning count in progress dialogs
Show process elevation status in title bar (Administrator, root)
Fixed libcurl bug CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT for numerical host name
Don't discard config panel last log after no changes found
Set taskbar relaunch command to launcher executable (Windows)
Fixed Btrfs compression not being applied during copy (Linux)
Run on file systems with buggy GetFinalPathNameByHandle() implementation, e.g. Dokany-based
Save selected view mode (F11) in batch config file
Download FreeFileSync 12.4 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.4 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.3
Add custom notes to sync configurations
Highlight comparison and sync buttons
Show sync stats in config panel tool tip
Update config panel sync info even if cancelled
Support FTP listing format missing owner/group
Fixed "Class not registered" error during installation
Propagate process priority of launcher executable
Fixed config panel metadata being reset after renaming
Fixed config panel keyboard cursor after deletion/rename
Improved small icon resolution for high-DPI monitors
Download FreeFileSync 12.3 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.3 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.2
Fixed temporary access error when creating multiple folders in parallel
Log failure to copy folder attributes as warning only
Enable UTF-8, even if FTP server does not advertize in FEAT (vsftpd)
Fixed drag and drop for non-ASCII folders (macOS)
Explicitly detect MTP path without existence check
Fixed crash when parsing SFTP package from stream
Revert back to GTK2 build due to GTK3 hangs on KDE (Linux)
Fixed missing COM initialization for MTP path parsing
Download FreeFileSync 12.2 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.2 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.1
First official build based on GTK3 (Linux)
Allow cancel during folder path normalization (e.g. delay during HDD spin up)
Fixed slow FTP comparison performance due to libcurl regression
Open terminal with log messages on startup error (Linux)
Preserve changed config during auto-update
Save config during unexpected reboot (Linux)
Preserve config upon SIGTERM (Linux, macOS)
Fixed progress dialog z-order after switching windows (macOS)
Removed packet size limit for SFTP directory reading
Mouse hover effects for config and overview grid
Always update existing shortcuts during installation (Windows, Linux)
Fixed another "Some files will be synchronized as part of multiple base folders" false-negative
Download FreeFileSync 12.1 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.1 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 12.0
Don't save password and show prompt instead for (S)FTP
Fast path check failure on access errors
Support PuTTY private key file version 3
Respect timeout during SFTP connect
Removed 20-sec timeout while checking directory existence
Avoid hitting (S)FTP connection limit for non-uniform configs
Fixed middle grid tooltip icon not always showing (Linux)
Optimized file accesses when checking file path existence
Fixed overview navigation marker not always showing on main grid
Clear all grid selections after view filter toggle
Fixed mouse selection starting on folder group
Don't require sudo during non-root installation (Linux)
Stricter type checking when deleting file/folder/symlinks
Succinct error messages when path component is not existing
Download FreeFileSync 12.0 Linux Download FreeFileSync 12.0 macOS Download FreeFileSync 12.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 12.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.29
Fixed crash after 1-byte file copy from MTP device
Fixed incorrect installer z-order during auto-update (macOS)
Compress copied file only if target folder is marked as NTFS-compressed (Windows)
Show install errors without requiring access to "System Events" (macOS)
Fall back to creation time if modification time is missing on MTP device
Copy/paste filter config via operating system clipboard
Show FreeFileSync startup error message when called from RealTimeSync
Avoid server round trip when preparing summary email
Show path conflict warning aggregated into groups
Don't assume path conflict if single write and multiple ignored items
Fixed CTRL + Insert clipboard copy for some text controls (Windows, Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 11.29 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.29 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.29 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.29 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.28
Recover from corrupted database file
Save database files pair-wise as a transaction
Fixed FTP access for Xiaomi "File Manager"
Fixed filter full path detection for root directory (Linux/macOS)
Fixed recycle bin double initialization bug (Windows)
Fixed incorrect case-insensitive string comparison for i and ı
Round progress percentage numbers down
Download FreeFileSync 11.28 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.28 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.28 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.28 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.27
Fixed "Some files will be synchronized as part of multiple base folders" false-negative
Fixed "Unexpected size of data stream" for Google Drive
Fixed crash when downloading empty file from Google Drive
RealTimeSync: fixed ffs_batch not accepted as valid configuration
Fixed top buttons vertical GUI layout
Fixed progress dialog font on Ubuntu MATE
Support cut/copy/paste for filter settings
Fixed free disk space calculation if target folder not yet created
Download FreeFileSync 11.27 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.27 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.27 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.27 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.26
Faster file copy for SSD-based hard drives (Linux, macOS)
Don't fill the OS file cache during file copy (macOS)
Removed redundant memory buffering during file copy
Fixed ERROR_FILE_EXISTS on Samba share when copying files with NTFS extended attributes
Show warning when recycle bin is not available (macOS, Linux)
Customize config item background colors
Fixed macOS menu bar not showing after app start
Fixed normalizing strings with broken UTF encoding
Fixed sound playback not working (Linux)
Don't allow creating file names ending with dot character (Windows)
Download FreeFileSync 11.26 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.26 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.26 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.26 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.25
Fixed crash when normalizing Unicode non-characters
Fixed crash when accesssing Google Drive
Fixed regession for decomposed Unicode comparison
Fixed "exit code 106: --sign is required" error on macOS
Reset icon cache after each comparison
Download FreeFileSync 11.25 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.25 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.25 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.25 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.24
Enhanced filter syntax to match files only (append ':')
Fixed "Some files will be synchronized as part of multiple base folders": no more false-positives
Detect full path filter items and convert to relative path
Auto-detect FTP server character encoding (UTF8 or ANSI)
Cancel grid selection via Escape key or second mouse button
Apply conflict preview limit accross all folder pairs
Require config type and file extension to match
Fixed view filter panel vertical layout
Strict validation of UTF encoding
Download FreeFileSync 11.24 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.24 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.24 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.24 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.23
Format local file times with no limits on time span
Deferred child item failure when traversing MTP folder
Fixed occasional wrong thumbnail orientation for MTP
Support additional image formats for MTP preview (e.g. CR2)
Fixed folder pair window being squashed after text size increase
Fixed wrong folder pair order when loading config (Linux)
Fixed some images being stretched on high-DPI monitors
Fixed config panel tab text being mirrored in RTL layout
Fixed parsing file times one second before Unix epoch (Gdrive, FTP)
Download FreeFileSync 11.23 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.23 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.23 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.23 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.22
Allow to change default log folder in global settings
Fixed sort order when items existing on one side only
Consider HOME environment variable for home path (Linux)
Fixed config selection using shift and arrow keys
Start comparison, then sync by only pressing Enter after startup
Fall back to default path when failing to save log file
Improved relative config path handling in portable mode
Download FreeFileSync 11.22 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.22 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.22 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.22 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.21
Support volume GUID as path: \\?\Volume{01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef} (Windows)
Avoid Two-Way conflict when changing folder name upper/lower-case
List hidden warning messages in options dialog
Fixed buffer overflow while receiving SFTP server banner
Create crash dumps even if FFS-internal crash handling doesn't kick in
Log time when error occured, not when it is reported
Swap sides: Require confirmation only after comparison
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 11.21 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.21 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.21 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.21 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.20
Fixed broken icon scaling on high-DPI displays
Fixed user language set to English after update
Download FreeFileSync 11.20 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.20 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.20 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.20 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.19
Improved performance for huge exclusion filter lists: linear to constant(!) time
Support sync with Google Drive starred folders
Access "My Computers" (as created by Google Backup and Sync) if starred
Western Digital Mycloud NAS: fixed ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS when changing case
Added per-file progress for "copy to" function
Have filter wildcard ? not match path separator
Work around WBEM_E_INVALID_NAMESPACE error during installation
Fixed login user incorrectly displayed as root (macOS)
Save Google Drive buffer before system shutdown
Download FreeFileSync 11.19 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.19 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.19 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.19 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.18
Add comparison time to sync log when using GUI
Added user-configurable timeout for Google Drive
Consider port when comparing (S)FTP paths for equality
Fixed SFTP key file login error on OpenSSH_8.8p1
Add error details for NSFileReadUnknownError (macOS)
Disable new config button when already at default
Use user language instead of region locale during installation
Download FreeFileSync 11.18 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.18 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.18 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.18 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.17
Show per-file progress in percent when copying large files
Log app initialization errors
Fixed uncaught exception after installation
Defer testing for third-party buggy DLLs until after crashing
Consider ReFS 128-bit file ID failure states (Windows)
Refer to volume by name: support names including brackets
Support local installation with non-standard home (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 11.17 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.17 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.17 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.17 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.16
Allow to select and remove invalid config file
Migrated all HTTPS requests to use libcurl (Linux, macOS)
Set keyboard focus on config panel after startup
Added computer name to log file trailer
Context menu instead of confirmation dialog for swap sides
Fixed config selection lost after auto-cleaning obsolete rows
Install app files with owner set to root (Linux)
Don't override keyboard shortcut "CTRL + W" (macOS)
Migrated key conversion routines deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0
Boxed app icon to fit OS theme (macOS)
Fixed manual retry after automatic update check error
Fixed missing ampersands in middle grid tooltip
Download FreeFileSync 11.16 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.16 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.16 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.16 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.15
Play sound reminder when waiting for user confirmation
Enhanced crash diagnostics with known triggers
Defer reporting third-party incompatibilities until after crashing
Fixed Server 2019 not being detected for log file
Use native representation for modified config (macOS)
Improved WinMerge detection for external app integration
Download FreeFileSync 11.15 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.15 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.15 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.15 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.14
Authenticate (S)FTP connections using OpenSSL 3.0
Fixed E_NOINTERFACE error after synchronization
Preempt crashes due to Nahimic Sonic Studio 3
Hide main window when minimizing progress window (macOS)
Avoid second dock icon when minimizing progress window (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 11.14 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.14 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.14 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.13
Manage default filter settings via GUI
Support arbitrary location for local app installation (macOS)
Fixed ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND masking real file access error (Windows)
Copy full file paths to clipboard (CTRL + C)
Preserve clipboard contents until after program exit
Always enable external command if independent of file items
Support installation without Rosetta2 on ARM64 (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 11.13 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.13 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.13 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.12
Native ARM64 build to support Apple silicon M1 (macOS)
Non-intrusive mouse highlight on file grid
Fixed /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GCC_7.0.0' not found
Parse file times with no limits on time span (e.g. year 0, year 3000)
Show folder icon during drag and drop (Windows)
Show user name for (S)FTP display paths
Fixed FTP connection lost error with TLS 1.3
Present file sizes in powers of 1000 bytes (Linux, macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 11.12 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.12 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.12 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.11
Fixed Shared Drive synchronization with Google Drive
Directly open exported file list (.CSV) as temporary file
Avoid EIO error for F_PREALLOCATE (macOS)
Watch socket using "poll" instead of "select" (Linux, macOS)
Fixed user-specific time/date format (Windows)
Fixed system_profiler not found error (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 11.11 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.11 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.11 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.10
Fixed comparison results cleared after mouse-scrolling the first folder pair
Stricter base folder existence checks before synchronization
Disable all file pairs when base folder status cannot be determined
Fixed sync statistics if base folder existence test failed
Work around glitch in grid scrollbar size calculation
Fixed folder drag and drop failing after locale conflict (macOS)
Fixed incorrect MIME permissions after installation (Linux)
Stricter server response validation during update check
Fixed incomplete item path in log if source item is missing
Fixed installation error when running ConEmu
Support starting FreeFileSync as root login user (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 11.10 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.10 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.10 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.9
Save different layouts depending on screen resolution
Fixed large file icon scaling quality (Windows)
Fixed broken default filter excluding DocumentRevisions (macOS)
Don't immediately exit terminal when installer error is showing (Linux)
Explicitly set file permissions when installing missing directories (Linux)
Support installation using noexec temp directory (Linux)
Don't fail installation if root is the only user (Linux)
Added automatic socket close on execv (Linux, macOS)
Fixed Google Drive login hanging after authentication (Linux)
Correctly generate and parse Windows epoch time (Windows, macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 11.9 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.9 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.9 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.8
Fixed unexpected file size error when copying to (S)FTP, and Google Drive
Download FreeFileSync 11.8 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.8 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.8 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.7
Detect moved files on FTP (if server supports MLSD)
Allow installation only for current or all users (Linux)
Added application uninstaller: (Linux)
Use login user config path when running as root (macOS, Linux)
Fixed detection of moved files with unstable device IDs (macOS, Linux)
Strict checking for duplicate file IDs
Avoid EINVAL invalid argument error when using F_PREALLOCATE (macOS)
Restore input focus after closing log panel
Double-click on file to open Google Drive web interface
Fixed alpha channel image scaling glitch
Fixed recycle bin folders being created recursively
Fixed thread count status message fluctuation
Don't quit FreeFileSync when parent terminal is closed (SIGHUP)
Fixed "Operation not supported" error when setting directory locks
Show folder picker despite SHCreateItemFromParsingName() error
Work around "OLE received a packet with an invalid header" error
Download FreeFileSync 11.7 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.7 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.7 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.6
New FreeFileSync installer (Linux)
New auto-updater for the Donation Edition (macOS, Linux)
Support reading FTP file symlinks
Added context menu option "Edit with FreeFileSync" (Linux, KDE)
Support starting via symlink (macOS)
Command line support with "freefilesync" symlink in /usr/local/bin (macOS)
Fixed starting via symlink found by PATH (Linux)
Preserve keyboard focus when starting sync via F9
Don't show relative parent path if folder does not exist
Added high-resolution application icons (Linux, macOS)
Work around "500 'HELP' command unrecognized" FTP error
Fixed menu bar icon not being removed immediately (macOS Big Sur)
Don't allow folder names ending with dot character (Windows)
Mitigate ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED: Local Device Name Already in Use [Wnetaddconnection2]
Fixed startup failure when app folder contains back quote char (macOS)
Fixed network card not found error on virtual machine (KVM Linux)
Fixed RTL layout direction in popup dialogs
Download FreeFileSync 11.6 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.6 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.5
New configuration context menu option to delete from disk
Start auto retry delay at time of error instead of reporting
Added error details to status message before retry
Improved color scheme to better integrate with system colors
Keep partial SFTP results after network failure
Fixed incorrect panel font (macOS Big Sur)
Fixed SFTP retry not working after network drop
Fixed crash on exit with floating panels (macOS Big Sur)
Fixed auto-close option not being remembered
Fixed installer high-DPI scaling issues
Fixed mouse hover issues with grid column header
Fixed menu bar icons not showing (Linux)
Removed redundant GUI layout recalculations
Keep correct panel sizes after log panel maximize
Support modern folder picker in installer
Don't raise progress dialog after sync when resuming from systray
Download FreeFileSync 11.5 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.5 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.4
New progress graph "this one sparks joy"
Remember progress dialog size
New config file context menu option "Show in file manager"
Work around libcurl performance bug during FTP upload
Only log modification time errors after comparing by size or content
Smaller icon size for efficient screen layout (Linux)
Use system-native recycle bin icon
Support MTP devices lacking a friendly name
Fix grid scrolling with small mouse rotations (macOS)
Faster mouse scrolling on high-DPI resolution displays
Keep previous windows size when maximized during auto-exit
Download FreeFileSync 11.4 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.4 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.3
Enhanced main grid color scheme
Mouse-highlight for file selection
Added file create/delete indicators
Show file list tooltip for missing items
Click folder name and scroll to group start
Log failure to create application default config folder
Added tooltips and fixed help link context menu
Fixed tooltip not updated when scrolling (macOS, Linux)
Move error dialogs to foreground during batch sync
Align context menu popup positions
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 11.3 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.3 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.2
Improved grid layout with file icons hidden
Improved rendering of inactive and disabled grid items
Remember last user-selected paths for file and folder pickers
Fixed folder name hidden in "item name" view type
Fixed determination of unsupported trash folder (Linux)
Fixed copying broken symlinks (macOS)
Fixed default action when pressing Enter in popup dialogs
Fixed default popup dialog size (macOS)
Use localized start of week for %WeekDay% (Linux, macOS)
Swap sides using CTRL+W instead of F10
Show confirmation dialog before swapping sides
Download FreeFileSync 11.2 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.2 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.1
New file group layout on main grid (reloaded)
Alternate colors for main grid folder groups
Added file group context menu
Quick selection of items in folder group
Fixed FTP access errors with Explicit SSL/TLS
Fixed Google Drive error when double quotes in file name
Fixed RTL layout bug with number input control
Fixed grid column default sizes
Fixed grid rendering performance during mouse scrolling
Update all config files transactionally
Respect user-preferred number/time format (Linux)
Fixed floating panels not being resizable (Linux)
Instantly open selection context menu on right mouse button down
Further improved high DPI support
Updated deprecated system API calls (requires macOS 10.10 or later)
Fixed crash when accessing Nexis storage (macOS)
Avoid buffer flush when aborting native file output
Clear preview after folder history selection
Pre-allocate target file without setting size
Unified system error message formatting
Download FreeFileSync 11.1 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.1 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 11.0
Revised file layout on main grid
Skip download/upload when copying Google Drive files inside account
Support moving Google Drive files between shared drives and My Drive
Support copying Google Drive shortcuts between accounts
Support copying Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. within account
Fixed parsing uninitialized Google Drive modification time
Fixed Google Drive file already existing check running too late
Ignore slash/backslash differences during manual search
Avoid creating orphan database entry if one DB file fails to load
Limit modification time error count for log file warning message
Support copying WSL symlinks
Avoid duplicate MTP/Google Drive item creation from multiple threads
Fixed TMPDIR not found during startup (macOS)
Added sync variant icons
Avoid redundant icon format conversions
Buffer high-DPI image scaling results
Improved MTP thumbnail scaling performance
Avoid race condition during parallel file icon rendering (Linux)
Allow creating folder name with leading/trailing spaces
Start supporting GTK3 (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 11.0 Linux Download FreeFileSync 11.0 macOS Download FreeFileSync 11.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 11.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.25
New file tree layout for main grid
Support Google Drive Shared Drives
Support Google Drive Shortcuts
Prioritize item name rendering if lacking horizontal space
Report "out of memory" during startup instead of crashing
Fixed excess memory consumption when loading variable-size data blocks
Fixed VERSION_ID missing on Arch Linux
Fixed IWbemServices::ConnectServer error during auto-update
Fixed row being skipped during main grid page up/down
Fixed MSSearch files not found when using Volume Shadow Copy
Allow creating folder names with trailing dot
Improved sort by full path speed and folder ordering
Report detailed error when failing to parse FTP MLSD
Sort by path component names instead of relative path
Support access to MEGAcmd FTP server
Fixed Google Drive error when removing last parent of shared item
Fixed Google Drive owned+shared files being unlinked instead of deleted
Fixed Google Drive change notification evaluation for item without parents
Support double-click/"Browse directory" for (S)FTP/Google Drive (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 10.25 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.25 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.25 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.25 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.24
Increased SFTP buffer sizes for faster upload/download
New %WeekDay%, %WeekDayName", and %MonthName% macros
Support Linux systems without lsb_release
Don't exclude desktop.ini by default
Merge error messages of failed error handling
Added ".DocumentRevisions-V100" to default exclude filter (macOS)
Fixed deletion error not reported during versioning
RealTimeSync: don't block when command fails with exit code > 0
Visualize error status in macOS Dock and Windows Superbar
Show error code constants for Windows Shell errors
Suppport ProFTPD with "MultilineRFC2228 on"
SFTP option to enable/disable zlib compression
Download FreeFileSync 10.24 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.24 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.24 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.24 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.23
Run "on completion" commands on console (no need for "cmd.exe /c")
Check exit code and report errors for external applications
Report stream output of failed command line calls (macOs, Linux)
Use Unicode symbols compatible with older macOS
RealTimeSync: invoke command using cmd.exe instead of ShellExecute (Windows)
Avoid hitting log file length limitations for aggregated jobs
Fix OpenSSL failing on HTTP 1.0 response without Content-Length
Don't allow creating folder names ending with space or dot
Support base folders with trailing blanks
Show system error descriptions on Volume Shadow Copy errors
Raise exit code if saving log file or sending email failed
Report all documented MTP error descriptions
Updated default exclude filter (macOS/Linux)
Added image outlines for improved dark mode support
Work around WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS error during installation
Align file path rendering with app layout direction
Play sound notification also when "cancel on first error" is set
Cleaner file path formatting (macOs, Linux)
Added instructions when failing to start due to missing GTK2 (Ubuntu)
RealTimeSync: distinguish drive unmount from folder change notification
Avoid blocking command scripts waiting for user input
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.23 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.23 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.23 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.23 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.22
Fixed upper-case conversion bug for non-ASCII strings
Download FreeFileSync 10.22 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.22 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.22 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.22 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.21
Preselect last-used email address
Select log file format (HTML or plain text)
Aggregate email notifications when hitting sending limits
Show code literals in system error messages
Limit conflict item count for log file warning message
Show log icon error indicator even if error occurred after sync
Disable background drag & drop when showing modal dialog
Hide dummy model, vendor names in log files
Fixed ANSI encoding used for log file time formatting
Reduced memory consumption for large number of log messages
Correctly parse lock files despite corrupted trail data
Show emoji instead of Unicode icon in email subject
Fixed IWbemServices::ConnectServer error after sync
Fixed aggregate email logs incomplete truncation
Download FreeFileSync 10.21 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.21 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.21 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.21 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.20
Send email notifications after sync (Donation Edition)
Generate log files in HTML format
Detect sync database consistency errors
Start log file with preview of first 25 errors/warnings
Mitigate lock file data corruption
Print Windows error codes in hexadecimal
Fixed missing MTP and network links in folder picker (Linux)
Display versioning and log folder path history
Display and log all config names for merged configurations
Run post-sync command synchronously and log exit code
Fixed crash on Bitvise SFTP servers with zlib delayed compression
Show actual time out used in failure message
Show detailed error message when failing to test sound files
Fixed timeout for long-running FTP uploads by sending keep-alives
Use Donation Edition on unlimited number of virtual machines
Ignore accidental clicks in empty space of configuration panel
Download FreeFileSync 10.20 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.20 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.20 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.20 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.19
Unified rendering of disabled grid layouts
Count moved file pair as one update in view filter buttons
Fix command button default sizes (Windows)
Added %item_name%, %item_name2% context menu macros
Support deleting references to shared Google Drive files
Trash Google Drive files only when having single parent
Fixed high DPI scaling issue on image borders
Preserve system date format for RTL languages
Fall back to folder path if resource archives are missing
Download FreeFileSync 10.19 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.19 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.19 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.19 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.18
Save/load database files in parallel
Show item count for each view filter category
Group config history items via background colors
Allow grid sort by category and sync action
Reduced file accesses for faster start up
Buffer redundant database loads
Fix ibus initialization hang on Ubuntu 19.10
Defer showing progress panel for short-lived tasks
Calculate stable scrollbar dimensions on GTK2
Log mod time errors even when sync is cancelled
Show progress and errors when updating sync directions
Detect MLSD support despite invalid FTP FEAT response
Improved GUI responsiveness during config load
Added Vietnamese translation
Download FreeFileSync 10.18 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.18 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.18 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.18 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.17
Support PuTTY private key files for SFTP login
Enable zlib compression for SFTP servers if supported
Update last sync time despite differences if nothing to do
Reduce graph total time update interval
Remember folder history not just for first folder pair
Allow unprivileged symlink creation in Windows Developer Mode
Integrate latest libcurl FTP bug fixes
Detect common invalid SFTP key file formats
Fixed startup crash caused by corrupted HDD properties
Allow SFTP access via Ed25519 key in PKIX format
Download FreeFileSync 10.17 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.17 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.17 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.17 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.16
Redesigned progress indicator graphs
Avoid needless HTTP delay prior to Google Drive upload
Skip redundant CWDs during FTP metadata updates
Fixed MLSD 501 syntax error on Serv-U FTP server
Check FTP server status using FEAT/HELP instead of root folder
Avoid redundant TYPE changes during FTP directory listing
Access FTP files by full path and avoid CWDs
Support FTP home paths with non-ASCII chars
Work around libcurl bug failing to buffer FTP TLS authentication
Skip redundant FTP SIZE check before downloading file
Use ISO 8601 week of the year definition for %week% macro
Show login prompt for disconnected NAS share
Force icon resolution to 96 DPI in GTK2 build (Linux)
Notify missing full disk access permission (macOS)
Fixed accessibility issue with progress graph colors
Use short naming convention when deleting abandoned folder lock
Detect endless folder lock recursion on buggy file systems
Fixed Google Drive parsing error for invalid file time
Download FreeFileSync 10.16 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.16 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.16 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.16 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.15
Redesigned progress indicator stats
Fixed crash when progress dialog is closed right before showing error
Consider fail-safe file copy when creating sync.ffs_db files
Prepare support for GTK3 GUI framework (Linux)
Support sound output via SDL (Linux)
Shrink standard system icons if needed (Linux)
Add Windows Defender exclusions asynchronously
Fixed main dialog out-of-screen position on startup (macOS)
Activated CDN for all web accesses
Redirect error dialog to stderr during sound playback (Linux)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.15 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.15 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.15 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.15 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.14
Warn if versioning folder paths differ only in case
Fixed empty HTTP response during update check (macOS/Linux)
Warn if Donation Edition is active on unexpected number of machines
Use subdomain for application update checks
Consider cache control for HTTP GET requests
Access all web endpoints over TLS
Fixed character encoding issue in update reminder (macOS/Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 10.14 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.14 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.14 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.13
Allow to rename configurations via context menu
Work around hang on SMB network with broken FileFullDirectoryInformation
Work around SMB share returning empty item name
Detect and preempt keyman64.dll crash on exit
Manage notification sounds via global options dialog
Support 32-bit Debian Jessie and later releases
Work around silent failure to case-only rename on FAT drives (Windows 10)
Simplified installation folder structure
Update main grid scrollbars when resizing columns on other side
Preserve input focus when clicking on grid column label
Buffer result of process path normalization
Mirror middle grid icons for RTL layout (Linux)
Force LTR layout until wxWidgets supports RTL (macOS)
Fixed pair scrolling mismatch when grid height is exceeded by one row
Fixed startup failure due to missing /etc/machine-id (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 10.13 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.13 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.13 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.12
Show sync start time and date in progress dialog title
Added duration of comparison to log
Show all total times in full HH:MM:SS format
Added sync start time to log file header
Add Windows Defender exclusions to fix CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE
New RealTimeSync option to hide console window
Support launching through symlink (Windows)
Dropped support for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista
Reduced installation size by 25%
Download FreeFileSync 10.12 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.12 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.12 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.11
Last FreeFileSync version supporting Windows XP and Vista
Fixed crash on multi-monitor set up
Fixed dialogs not showing after opening UAC prompt
Support launching through symlink (Linux)
Added example desktop starter files (Linux)
Fixed misleading error when determining file permissions support
Updated wxWidgets, libcurl, libssh2, VS, GCC, Xcode
Download FreeFileSync 10.11 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.11 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.11 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.10
New option: synchronize selection
Dynamically disable unsuitable context menu options
Support MTP devices without move command
Fall back to copy/delete when implicitly moving to different device (e.g. symlink)
Fixed incorrect statistics after parallel move
Fixed menu button not triggering context menu
Fixed crash on focus change while message popup is dismissed
Fixed crash when trying to shrink empty image
Fixed invisible dialogs when monitor is turned off in multi-monitor setup
Work around GetFileInformationByHandle error code 58 on WD My Cloud EX
Changing deletion handling now correctly triggers updated config
Support root-relative FTP file paths (e.g. FreeNAS)
Move and rename MTP items as a transaction
Exclude AppleDouble files (._) via default filter on macOS
Support home path for FTP folder picker
Use server default permissions when creating SFTP folder
Use native OpenSSL AES-CTR rather than libssh2 fallback
Added context information for cloud connection errors
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.10 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.10 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.10 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.9
Added FTP, SFTP, Google Drive support for Linux
FreeFileSync Donation Edition available for Linux
Compress file stream during Google Drive upload
Navigate beyond access-denied parents in SFTP folder picker
Fixed unexpected stream size error during FTP upload
Support native recursive deletion for Google Drive
Support native recursive deletion for MTP
Deterministically save Google Drive state during exit
Work around missing TMPDIR variable (Linux)
Support SFTP servers returning large package sizes during folder reading
Start with home path when using SFTP folder picker
Aggregate device authentication prompts during comparison
Clean up temp file after unexpected stream size error
Work around FTP servers not supporting HELP command
Support parsing path by volume name when volume is missing
Parse and streamline Google Drive error messages
Load next item after deleting from config history
Avoid redundant Google Drive syncs after file/folder creation
Avoid duplicate MTP item creation by multiple threads
Download FreeFileSync 10.9 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.9 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.9 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.8
Support synchronization with Google Drive
Don't reset sync directions when changing versioning or deletion handling
Save last sync time before shutting down system
Support MTP devices that accept modTime only during file creation
Avoid dependency on file id to detect duplicate folders (buggy network drivers)
Check if path exists before creating duplicate MTP folder
Check for empty MTP item name during folder traversal
Check if multiple MTP items are referenced by the same path
Fixed sync config GUI distortion when toggling auto retry (Linux, macOS)
Fixed FreeFileSync sort order in Windows Uninstall Programs
Fixed log override path being squashed on high DPI
Fixed volume serial not considered when file id is missing
Download FreeFileSync 10.8 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.8 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.8 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.7
Correctly resolve ambiguous paths in (S)FTP folder picker
Fixed path alias check to not rely on volume serial number
Check already existing move target by ID instead of path (Linux, macOS)
Use native image conversion routines in installer
Added base folder info for unresolved conflicts message
Avoid silent failure when setting epoch modTime (Windows)
Fixed RealTimeSync failing to start FreeFileSync batch (macOS)
Support command arguments and exit code with launcher (macOS)
Consider UTF encoding when trimming long temp name during file copy
Exclude failed item paths containing backslash in names (Linux)
Fixed RealTimeSync GUI distortion after drag & drop (Linux)
Fixed parsing locale with unexpected format (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 10.7 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.7 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.7 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.6
Detect and skip traversing folder path aliases
Report conflict when names differ only in Unicode normalization
Unified 32 and 64 bit into single package (Linux)
Notarized application package (macOS)
Save configuration files in user-specific paths (Linux)
Use XDG-style config file paths (Linux)
Fixed (fake) intermittent hangs during comparison (Linux, macOS)
Detect SMB mount points as separate devices (Linux)
Consider /mnt subfolders as device root paths (Linux)
Create missing default log folder upon first run
Don't consider final status for error/warning count
Discard invalid SFTP session after max channel determination
Fixed main dialog position not being remembered (Linux)
Fixed imprecise FTP times due to MLST parsing issue
Fixed application menu not being localized (macOS)
Fixed temp file name hitting file system length limitations
Fixed fatal errors not being written to console (Debian Linux)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.6 Linux Download FreeFileSync 10.6 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.5
New file matching algorithm considering Unicode normalization
User-configurable timeout for FTP and SFTP connections
Ignore case sensitivity during filter matching (Linux)
Obsoleted old CHM manual in favor of PDF
Unicode-normalized and faster case-insensitive grid search
New button to save current view filter settings as default
Both slash and backslash can be used in filter expressions
Improved Unicode case conversion routines
Keyboard shortcuts for swap sides (F10) and view category (F11)
Don't steal input focus when closing progress dialog (macOS)
Fixed shutdown crash when accessing already destroyed state
Fixed file grid column order not being preserved
Fixed manual activation input fields being disabled (macOS)
Fixed FTP parsing error due to invalid folder time
Fixed statistics boxes background distortion (macOS)
Download FreeFileSync 10.5 Linux 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.5 Linux 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.5 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.4
Allow overriding log folder path for GUI and batch runs
Fixed RealTimeSync not triggering when using volume path by name
Fixed reading FTP folders including wildcard chars
Fixed image overlay graphics glitch (Linux)
Don't show error if versioning folder is not yet existing
Fixed crash when removing folder pair just before comparison (F5)
Fixed crash when parent folder of newly-moved file is deleted after comparison
Fixed statistics when folder containing moved files is found missing
Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Linux 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Linux 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.4 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.3
New log panel showing details about the last operation
Show status of last syncs in configuration panel
Access log files via the configuration panel
Allow auto-retry and ignore errors during comparison
Show folder RealTimeSync is waiting on
New %logfile_path% macro for "on completion" command
Show errors and warnings count in log file header
Fixed crash when resizing panel during comparison
Fixed folders created hidden when source is a volume root path
Use steady clock while waiting in RealTimeSync
Fixed folder access error with Google Drive File Stream
Open global log folder path via options dialog
Limit global logs by age instead of size
Deprecated batch-level log files and LastSyncs.log
Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Linux 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Linux 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.3 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.2
Limit number of file versions by age and count
Report not yet existing folders as warning instead of error
Improved comparison speed for high-latency traversals
Set up parallel file operations for versioning folder
Early clean up to avoid hitting (S)FTP connection limits
Support FTP servers with ANSI encoding
Fixed folder drag and drop for modal dialogs
Fixed progress graph glitch caused by unsteady system clock
Unbuffered folder lock file existence checking
Fixed macOS Donation Edition not being recognized after bundle rename
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.2 Linux 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.2 Linux 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.2 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.1
Binary-compare multiple files in parallel
Copy file permissions when creating base folders
Fixed hang when scrolling file list (Windows)
Fixed file list mismatch when cancelling sync
Fixed delay when cancelling folder existence check
Fixed comparison and sync processing order to honor FIFO
Fixed startup delay when internet is offline (Linux, macOS)
Fixed crash when closing FreeFileSync via the macOS Dock
Support installation without admin rights (macOS)
Fixed bcrypt.dll not found on startup (Windows XP)
Respect Content-Length header for HTTP requests
Support parallel folder traversal on Ubuntu 16.4
Fixed missing shared library dependencies (Linux)
Unified precompiled Linux binary packages
Download FreeFileSync 10.1 Linux 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.1 Linux 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.1 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 10.0
The installer is now ad-free!
Sync multiple files in parallel (Donation Edition)
Compare multiple files in parallel within a single folder tree
Aggregate worker threads per device during folder traversal
Reset GUI layout configuration for high DPI displays
Keep GUI responsive during synchronization
Remember maximum number of visible folder pairs
Fixed high DPI issues in installer
Don't delay errors by callback interval during comparison
Handle concurrent intermediate folder creation for versioning
Sync all folder level items before recursion (avoid CWDs)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Debian 9.4 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Debian 9.4 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.0 macOS Download FreeFileSync 10.0 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 10.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 9.9
High DPI display support
Allow automatic retry at configuration level
Show error handling settings during sync
Avoid dependency (Linux)
Fixed undefined behavior closing paused progress dialog
Check if buggy DLLs are loaded into address space (Windows)
Fixed FTP parsing error for Windows CE device
Workaround VSS provider implementation bug
Respect macOS user settings for date and thousands separator
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Debian 9.3 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Debian 9.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.9 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.9 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.9 Windows

FreeFileSync 9.8
New option to auto-close progress dialog
Update last sync time if no differences found
Added 5 seconds countdown before shutdown/sleep
Preserve XML attribute creation order
Support HTTPS web accesses without redirect
Connect network share upon logon type not granted
Fixed invalid pointer error when reading MTP
Fixed temporary db file triggering RealTimeSync
Fixed runtime error during uninstallation
Continue status updates during sync cancellation
Log number of items found during comparison
Warn about outdated nviewH64.dll instead of crashing
Show default log file path when saving a batch job
Consider only full days for time since last sync
Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Debian 9.3 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Debian 9.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.8 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.8 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.8 Windows

FreeFileSync 9.7
New configuration management panel
New column showing days since last sync
Support starting FreeFileSync via Windows Send To
Minimized memory operations for I/O buffer
Allow multiple config selections on Linux
New command line option -DirPair
Fixed Enter key not working for most dialogs (macOS)
Show only one warning about failed directory locks
Show correct synchronization time when resuming from system sleep
Don't resolve symlinks that are dropped via mouse
Detect and notify LCMapString compatibility mode bug
Fixed incorrect file permissions within macOS bundle
Fixed wrong results dialog panel selection (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Debian 9.3 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Debian 9.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.7 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.7 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.7 Windows

FreeFileSync 9.6
New installation command line option /disable_updates
Fixed crash when closing main dialog during sync
Fixed RealTimeSync crash after recursive mutex locking
Improved file copy performance on macOS
Clean up obsolete files during installation
Don't use threads for running async command line (Linux)
Avoid main dialog flash after minimized sync
Disable file list export until after comparison
Directly close progress dialog during sync
Redirect escape key from main dialog to progress dialog
Fixed startup delay during consistency checks
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Debian 9.2 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Debian 9.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.6 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.6 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 9.5
Allow to change error handling option on progress dialogs
Set up shutdown behavior during sync (summary, exit, sleep, shutdown)
Conditional execution of the post sync command line
Directly use native shutdown/sleep API (Windows and macOS)
Run post sync command even when fail on first error was set
Merged batch and GUI error handling options
Write post sync command to log file
Update GUI-specific options when saving as batch job
Progress graph area matches processed data ratio
Delete files permanently with Shift+Del
Apply correct quotation for CSV-exported folder list
Replace Unicode arrow chars with ASCII for variant description
Updated libcurl, OpenSSL to latest builds
Download FreeFileSync 9.5 Debian 9.2 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.5 Debian 9.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.5 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.5 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.5 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.5 Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 9.4
Fixed copying files with locked byte ranges using VSS
Fixed wrong FTP working directory reuse in libcurl
Allow retry upon failure during online update check
Repackaged Donation Edition to reduce AV false positives (Norton)
Apply correct directory path encoding during FTP traversal
Fixed strict weak ordering for SFTP session ID sorting
Clean up read-only temporary files during failed sparse file copy
Fixed access denied file copy error for ADS while using BackupWrite
Workaround broken non-Windows SMB implementations reporting sparse support
Support hash characters in FTP directory listing
Prepared auto-updater to support new installer format
Refined installer error reporting
Streamlined sync config dialogs
Resized installer window dimensions
Download FreeFileSync 9.4 Debian 9.1 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.4 Debian 9.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.4 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.4 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.4 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.4 Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 9.3
Support multiple connections per FTP folder traversal: N times speed up
Improved folder traversal time by 35% for FTP servers supporting MLSD
Use single CWD when changing FTP working directory
Maximize FTP input/output speed using prefetch/output buffers and async execution
Use larger socket buffer for significant FTP upload speed increase
Fixed out of memory error when copying large files via FTP
New popup dialog option to ignore all errors
Reduced memory peaks by enforcing streaming buffer size limits
Removed custom sync directions from config XML if not needed
Fixed EOPNOTSUPP error on GVFS-mounted FTP (Linux)
Prevent input focus stealing after manual comparison
Flash task bar after comparison if other app has input focus
Download FreeFileSync 9.3 Debian 9.1 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.3 Debian 9.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.3 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.3 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.3 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.3 Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 9.2
Use direct copy instead of transaction to speed up versioning
Replaced file existing handling with use of unique temporary names
Support SFTP authentication via Pageant/SSH agent
New menu option to restore hidden panels individually
Fixed GTK button icon being truncated (Linux)
Fixed error dialog hiding behind progress dialog (macOS)
Round out FTP symlink deletion handling
Support four-digit year format on IIS FTP
Fixed FTP parsing error for epoch time on Windows server
Narrow contract for file system abstraction regarding existing files
Treat failure to load database as error rather than warning
Save root folder access for certain FTP path checks
Download FreeFileSync 9.2 Debian 9.0 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.2 Debian 9.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.2 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.2 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.2 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.2 Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 9.1
Fixed crash when getting invalid data after item type check
Fixed copying symlinks pointing to network folders
Support resolving network paths in the NT namespace
Support FTP servers with broken MLST command (Pure-FTPd)
Fixed FTP access error on file names containing special chars
Include raw FTP server response in error message
Quickly check server connection using a single FEAT
Don't change working directory when sending a single FTP command
Support FTP Unix listings missing group name
Support RFC-2640-non-compliant FTP servers having UTF8 disabled
Support FTP servers returning non-routable IP in PASV response
Support IPv6 when establishing FTP connections
Start external application keyboard shortcuts with zero
Download FreeFileSync 9.1 Debian 8.8 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.1 Debian 8.8 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.1 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.1 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.1 Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 9.0
Support synchronization via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and FTPS (SSL/TLS)
Notify failure to set modification time as a warning instead of an error
Allow intermediate non-folder components when checking path status
Prevent file drop events from propagating to parent windows
Create Downloads folder if not yet existing when running auto-updater
Get all MTP input stream attributes as a single device access
Improved SFTP input stream copying time by 20%
Buffer (S)FTP sessions based on all login information
Finalize all installation steps before showing finished page
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 9.0 Debian 8.7 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.0 Debian 8.7 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.0 macOS Download FreeFileSync 9.0 openSUSE Tumbleweed 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 9.0 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 9.0 Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.10
Fully preserve case-sensitive file paths (Windows, macOS)
Support SFTP connections to local hosts
Warn if versioning folder is contained in a base folder
Use natural string sorting algorithm for item lists
Consider exclude filter settings for folder dependency checks
Fixed file not found error on case-sensitive SFTP volume
Fixed failure when creating MTP sub directories
Fixed crash when loading database file during comparison
Refactored UTF conversion routines
Use pipe symbol as filter separator instead of semicolon
Iterate over all matching SFTP connections available on a server (macOS)
Reduced folder matching time by 12%, average memory use by 11%
Added experimental FTP support
Download FreeFileSync 8.10 Debian 8.7 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.10 Debian 8.7 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.10 macOS Download FreeFileSync 8.10 openSUSE Tumbleweed Download FreeFileSync 8.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.10 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.10 Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.9
Detect when database file was copied and avoid "second part missing" error
Further reduced size of database files by 20%
Reduced amortized number of file operations during versioning
Added database file consistency checks to catch unexpected number of stream associations
Improved file I/O by detecting cross-device moves via path
Fixed path parsing failure when creating MTP directories
Implemented buffered stream I/O abstraction to prepare for FTP
Generalized file path handling for abstract file system implementations
Warn about outdated AvmSnd.dll before crashing during sound playback
Avoid libunity9 dependency for Ubuntu builds
Refactored OpenSSL and libssh2 initialization/shutdown
Case-insensitive grid sorting on Linux
Added 32-bit precompiled Debian/Ubuntu release
Download FreeFileSync 8.9 Debian 8.7 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.9 Debian 8.7 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.9 macOS Download FreeFileSync 8.9 openSUSE Tumbleweed Download FreeFileSync 8.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.9 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.9 Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.8
Distinguish file access failure from not existing during sync
Further optimized number of file I/O operations via file system abstraction
Report unexpected prompts for keyboard-interactive SFTP authentication
Mark followed directory symlinks on grid
Fixed parent path determination for UNC
Don't skip source files that cannot be accessed
Don't consider a symlink type for SFTP when comparing by content
Fixed invalid parameter error when setting file times on exFAT file system
Don't allow overwriting folder with equally named file when copying from main dialog
Fixed failure to create intermediate directories for Cryptomator/Webdav
Refactored file system abstraction layer for future FTP support
Fixed failure to change file name case on MTP devices
Fixed late failure for batch recycling when parsing of single item fails
Download FreeFileSync 8.8 Debian 8.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.8 macOS Download FreeFileSync 8.8 openSUSE Tumbleweed Download FreeFileSync 8.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.8 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.8 Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.7
New auto-updater feature for FreeFileSync Donation Edition
Download zip archive of portable FreeFileSync Donation Edition
New command line options to define parameters for silent installation
Support offline activation for portable Donation Edition
Use automatic keyboard-interactive SFTP authentication as fallback
Check for available SFTP authentication methods before login
Support cloud sync of portable edition installation files
Access donation transaction details from about dialog
Use width from flexible grid column when showing/hiding extra columns
Show item short names in middle column tooltip
Enhanced file category descriptions with modification times
Don't warn about missing recycle bin when only moving or updating attributes
Fixed crash when switching to main dialog during batch sync
Download FreeFileSync 8.7 Debian 8.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.7 macOS Download FreeFileSync 8.7 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.7 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.7 Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.6
Added SFTP support for OS X
Support SFTP authentication via public/private key
Remember configuration history scroll position
SFTP folder picker supports browsing hidden folders
Fixed failure to copy files with corrupted ADS
Signed application installer (OS X)
Increase config history default size to 100 items
Auto-close FreeFileSync processes before uninstallation
Simplified SFTP configuration syntax
Fixed update check sending incomplete keep-alive header
Detailed error reporting after failed web access
Suggest folder path macro substitutions also at inner positions
Transfer folder creation times (OS X)
Download FreeFileSync 8.6 Debian 8.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.6 macOS Download FreeFileSync 8.6 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.6 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.6 Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.5
Support multiple SSH connections per SFTP folder traversal: N times speed up
Support multiple SFTP channels per SSH connection: additional N times speed up
Fixed installer crashes by using correct DEP-compatibility
Fixed notification area icon being generated too often
Thread-safe SFTP uninitialization on shutdown
Thread-safe mini-dump creation during shutdown
Fixed case-insensitive migration of new csidl macro names
Reduced SFTP access serialization overhead
Buffer SFTP sessions independently from usage context
Detect and discard unstable SSH sessions
Pre-empt SFTP session disconnect via dedicated SFTP cleanup thread
Run SFTP tasks directly on worker threads without helper thread overhead
Download FreeFileSync 8.5 Debian 8.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.5 Mac OS X Download FreeFileSync 8.5 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.5 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.4
Mark temporary copies created by %local_path% read-only
Fixed crash when accessing Bitvise SFTP servers
Support nanosecond-precision file time copying (Linux)
Start maximized instead of in full screen mode (OS X)
Fixed crash while setting privileges during shutdown
Fixed crash when failing to clean up log files
Fixed EOPNOTSUPP error when copying file to GVFS Samba share (Linux)
Fixed default external applications command line (Linux)
Thread-safe translation access and change during app shutdown
Don't consider port and password when comparing SFTP paths
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 8.4 Debian 8.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.4 Mac OS X Download FreeFileSync 8.4 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.4 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.3
Make temporary local copy for non-native file paths: %local_path%
Support selections from both grid sides at a time for external applications
New external application macros: %item_path%, %folder_path%, %item_path2%, %folder_path2%
Migrate external application commands to new macro syntax
Support reverse grid search (Shift + F3)
Don't condense empty sub folders on overview panel
Show changelog delta in update notification
Center modal dialogs after layout redetermination
Warn about portable installation into programs folder
Calculate default message dialog height depending on screen size
Don't substitute external applications path for empty base folder
Fixed prolonged tooltip time not being evaluated
Download FreeFileSync 8.3 Debian 8.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.3 Mac OS X Download FreeFileSync 8.3 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.3 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.2
Unified item path representation on main grid
New progress indicator control for binary comparison
Fixed crash on exit when accessing already destructed constant
Fixed crash when FreeFileSync is still running during OS shutdown
Fixed crash on startup due to missing root certificates
Work around start up crash on Windows installations missing certain patches
Fixed in-place progress panel height being trimmed
Support drawing arbitrary polygons with graph control
Apply POSIX file name normalization (OS X)
Normalize keyboard input encoding for all text fields (OS X)
Report errors when cleaning up old log files
Integrate external app WinMerge if installation is found
Download FreeFileSync 8.2 Debian 8.4 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.2 Mac OS X Download FreeFileSync 8.2 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.2 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.1
Follow shell links during drag and drop on main dialog (Windows)
Significantly improved main grid rendering performance
Log info about non-default global settings
Establish new network connections only when needed (Windows)
Show only a single login dialog per network share
Show login dialogs for the same network address one after another
Fixed endless recursion for paths containing certain Unicode characters (OS X)
Support using portable version without direct installation
Fixed access denied error when verifying read-only target file (Windows)
New global option for sound cue after comparison
Updated help file
Download FreeFileSync 8.1 Debian 8.4 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.1 Mac OS X Download FreeFileSync 8.1 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.1 Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 8.0
Fine-tuned buffer sizes for 70% improved SFTP stream I/O speed
Support incomplete read/write operations while maximizing buffer saturation
Automatically check consistency of FreeFileSync installation
Fixed crash when using SFTP on CPUs without SSE2 support
Improved GUI responsiveness during SFTP I/O
Disabled automatic quote substitution for file filter (OS X)
Work around invalid parameter error on FAT drives for broken create times
Avoid filter mismatches by using precomposed UTF (OS X)
Fixed main dialog close button not being disabled during sync (OS X)
Don't create AppleDouble files if extended attributes are unsupported (OS X)
Set content format metadata when copying to an MTP device
Fixed F-keys not working in sync config dialog (Linux)
Revert to default button margin values (Linux)
Fixed crash when thumbnail loading fails on MTP device
Fixed main grids not scrolling in parallel during mouse selection
Revert to default scaling for non-dpi-aware apps
Integrate FreeFileSync online manual
Added Slovak translation
Download FreeFileSync 8.0 Debian 8.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.0 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.0 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 8.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 8.0 Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.9
New comparison variant: compare by file size
Buffer SFTP read/write accesses for optimal packet sizes
Configure folder access time out via GlobalSettings.xml
Drag and drop config files anywhere on main dialog
Work around "argument list too long" file copy error (OS X)
Work around "invalid argument" file copy error (OS X)
Support case-change when syncing to case-sensitive SFTP (Windows)
Select between sync completion sounds gong/harp.wav
Set up sync completion sound file in GlobalSettings.xml
Validate monitoring data to avoid RealTimeSync crash
Updated help file
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 7.9 Debian 8.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.9 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.9 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.9 Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.8
Correctly resolve environment variables containing MTP paths
Support at and colon characters in SFTP user name
New context buttons for quick sync config changes
Report specific error during folder existence check when starting sync
Fail lately when traversing available MTP devices
Correctly handle SFTP time-out error when checking folder existence
Updated on completion command lines for log off/standby/shut down (Linux)
Support HTML POST redirection for update checks
Calculate UTC file times like Windows Explorer for MTP devices
Don't reuse timed-out SFTP sessions with thread affinity
Workaround SFTP session hang after unsupported statvfs command
Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2e
Download FreeFileSync 7.8 Debian 8.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.8 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.8 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.8 Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.7
Support variable drive letters for config history when using FreeFileSync portable
Skip non-storage functional objects at MTP device level
Log and show error messages without hanging when running as a service
Navigate between sync settings panels with arrow keys
Fixed volume shadow copy file path generation
Handle integer overflows when comparing file times
Ignore more than one file time shift
Reworked grid to support mouse highlight areas
Allow minute precision for file time shifts
Warn about unsupported MTP and SFTP paths in RealTimeSync
Strip superfluous mode parameters when creating a directory (Linux, OS X)
Correctly detect system language for English UK
Store program language by name to handle changing ids
Fixed crash during application exit after using SFTP
Download FreeFileSync 7.7 Debian 8.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.7 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.7 openSUSE 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.7 Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.6
Create missing synchronization base folders only on demand
Improved main grid text search performance by 40%
Restore correct main dialog height after restart (Linux)
Default to standard main dialog size after unmaximize (Linux)
Prevent creation of irregular folder names (Windows)
Support MTP devices over WiFi with null modification times
Do not apply invalid vertical main dialog positions (OS X)
Support Yosemite full screen window mode (OS X)
Use buffered lock file I/O (Windows)
Correctly set up OpenSSL for multithreaded use
Added COM initialization for worker threads (Windows)
Forward focus to sync button after comparison
Streamlined file system abstraction layer interfaces
Download FreeFileSync 7.6 Debian 8.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.6 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.6 Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.5
Detect moved files on source even for targets with no (SFTP) or unstable (FAT) file id support
Improved performance for detection of moved files by over 50%
Added folder picker to select SFTP paths
Support additional SFTP ciphers by building upon OpenSSL backend
Added 10-seconds time out when SFTP command is hanging indefinitely
Work around unexpected SFTP session termination on Synology servers
Fixed various libssh2 and OpenSSL memory leaks
Fixed FreeFileSync taskbar link reuse (Windows 7)
Avoid last error code being overwritten by certain C runtimes before evaluation
Run online update check asynchronously (Windows)
Check source item existence before cleaning target during versioning (Linux, OS X)
Check folder recursion limit to catch stack overflows
Doubled potential folder traversal recursion depth (Windows)
Consider child elements of excluded folders during database clean up
Download FreeFileSync 7.5 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.5 Debian 8.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.5 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.5 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.5 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.4
Switch between all folder pair configurations directly in the sync config dialog
Support macros, path by volume name for config files on command line
Support slash as path separator on command line (Windows)
Allow slash as path separator in filter dialog (Windows)
Discard SFTP connection after 20 seconds of idle time
Fixed file already existing error when changing file name case (OS X)
New keyboard shortcuts to open external applications
Fixed clipboard being cleared when opening sync config dialog (OS X)
Workaround wxWidgets bug breaking copy/paste shortcuts (OS X)
Fixed disabled button icons not being updated in the config dialog
Fixed launcher error messages not being shown (Windows XP)
Fixed launcher showing incorrect error about missing service pack (Windows XP)
Revised help file and consolidated into online help
Download FreeFileSync 7.4 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.4 Debian 8.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.4 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.4 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.4 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.3
New context menu option to copy selected files to alternate folder (create diffs)
Fill a folder pair by dropping two folders at a time from Explorer
Added option to set non-standard SFTP port
Prevent recursive creation of temporary recycle bin directories (Windows)
Retrieve grid column label colors from the system
Fixed detection of already existing files when moving (Linux)
Follow OS convention for preferences (OS X)
Prevent progress dialog from hiding behind main dialog (OS X)
Fixed config saved status not updating when changing certain settings
Support for high dpi display settings
Fixed crash when help viewer is open during exit (Windows)
Show manual deletion progress within comparison status panel
Further reduced number of file accesses during versioning
Fixed folder picker failing to select Desktop folder (Windows)
Download FreeFileSync 7.3 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.3 Debian 8.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.3 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.3 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.3 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.2
Support synchronization via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
Detailed error reporting when checking folder existence
Synchronize MTP devices with no modification time support
Set focus to comparison button on startup
Fixed transactional stream clean up error if target file already existing
Fixed incomplete input stream clean up on fadvise failure (Linux)
Consider non-native paths for direct comparison after startup
Revised algorithm generating folder pair display name
Reduced number of file accesses during versioning
Stricter language file consistency checking
Resolved crash when running Windows 7 on CPUs without SSE2
Improved Minidump creation handling stack overflows
Revised path formatting to always match native representation
Fixed about dialog layout for large font sizes
Support Minidump creation for Windows XP
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 7.2 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.2 Debian 8.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.2 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.2 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.2 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.1
Avoid various access denied errors when synchronizing with admin rights (Windows)
Accept Explorer drag and drop from MTP devices
Support showing MTP files with Explorer
Support opening MTP files with default application
Preselect active MTP folder in folder picker dialog
Work around file not found error when copying alternate data streams
Fixed access denied error when copying file times (Linux)
Work around boost bug causing RealTimeSync to wake PC (Windows)
Fixed naming convention "replace" for versioning
Skip space pre-allocation if not supported (OS X)
Use faster space pre-allocation method (Linux)
Transactional error handling when closing file streams
Fully initialize system image list for medium and large icons (Windows)
Handle XP backwards-compatibility with 32-bit build (Windows 64-bit)
Work around hang due to unsupported AVX2 instructions (Vista 64-bit)
Fixed invalid argument exception during app launch (OS X)
Fixed binary comparison checking for wrong buffer size
Fixed GetLogicalProcessorInformation not found startup error (Windows XP SP2)
Support IP-based UNC paths with folder selector (Windows)
Use standard file permissions for application bundle (OS X)
Updated help file and added tips and tricks chapter
Download FreeFileSync 7.1 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.1 Debian 8.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.1 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.1 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.1 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 7.0
Support synchronization with MTP devices (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera)
Implemented file system abstraction layer
New database format supporting generic file ids
Pre-allocate disk space when writing file output stream
Late failure when moving multiple items to recycle bin
Keep UI responsive while loading/saving database file
Improved error reporting indicating failed item when moving to recycle bin
Pass correct thread id when creating Minidump (Windows)
Fixed directory icon loading resource leak (Linux)
Fixed RealTimeSync message provider exception safety issue (Windows)
Avoid locking issues by creating the log file after batch synchronization
Fixed RealTimeSync monitoring for items beyond subfolders (Linux)
Fall back to file extension during file icon load error
Show file icon by extension as temporary placeholder
Work around silent failure to copy file times to external drives (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 7.0 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.0 Debian 8.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.0 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.0 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 7.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 7.0 Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.15
Revert to log file naming convention without colon character
Prevent endless recursion when traversing into folder on corrupted file system
Fixed view filter button rendering issue for RTL languages
Fixed grid losing far scroll positions when increasing icon sizes
Flush file buffers before verifying file copy
Update existing items when retrying failed folder traversal
Harmonized bitmap file loading by removing format variance
Fixed invalid argument error when setting file times (Linux)
Fixed application hang when loading icon for named pipe (Linux)
Improved file copy read-ahead performance (Linux)
Use native file I/O for stream operations (Linux, OS X)
Fixed file copy creating zero-sized files (OS X)
Automatically create Minidump files during an application crash (Windows)
Check for missing service pack to help diagnose crash (Windows 7)
New menu item with download link after a version update
Work around C-function memory race condition when formatting time
Added Hindi language
Download FreeFileSync 6.15 CentOS 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.15 Debian 8.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.15 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.15 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.15 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.15 Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.14
New buttons allow changing the order of folder pairs
New keyboard shortcuts for rearranging folder pairs
Preserve comparison results when deleting a specific folder pair
Allow inserting new folder pairs into the middle of the list
Append status to log file names when warnings occur
Don't interrupt immediate comparison when starting a .ffs_gui file for slow devices
Work around wxWidgets bug eating up command keys in text boxes (Linux)
Fixed incorrect parameter error when checking recycle bin on drive mounted with Paragon ExtFS (Windows)
Use colon as time stamp separator in log file names
Refactored basic low-level file traversal routine
Optimized file icon startup procedure
Fixed occasional failure to set modification times on Samba shares (OS X)
Transfer creation times during file copy (OS X)
Support copying file times with nanosecond precision (OS X)
Download FreeFileSync 6.14 CentOS 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.14 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.14 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.14 Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.13
Fixed crash when failing to create log file during batch run
Show directory traversal errors as conflict category on grid
Improved file filter behavior for certain edge cases when updating the database
Fixed crash when task scheduler ends FreeFileSync after a certain time (Windows)
Don't show alternative folder paths if volume name is empty
Support silent installation for Inno Setup (Windows)
Fixed recursive yield when minimized into notification area (Linux, OS X)
Include ACLs when copying file and folder permissions (OS X)
New file copy routine including extended attributes (OS X)
Fixed failure to permanently delete directories containing symlinks
Copy extended attributes when creating new folders and symlinks (OS X)
Restore process umask after creating lock file (Linux, OS X)
Copy directory permissions by default (Linux, OS X)
Optimized construction of merged path filters
Exclude items subject to traversal errors when updating the database
Download FreeFileSync 6.13 CentOS 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.13 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.13 openSUSE 13.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.13 Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.12
New "Actions" menu bar entry with basic operations
Fixed crash after comparison while needlessly copying traversal results
Support update-checker URL redirection (Linux, OS X)
Merged installer translations into .lng files
Fully translated FreeFileSync context menu options and file types in Windows Explorer
More structured symlink handling options
Scroll to active selection in config list box on startup
Fixed delete key to remove items in config history panel (OS X)
Fixed language file parser showing incorrect row on error
Fixed crash during sync due to unsupported SSE instructions (Server 2003, XP 64-bit)
Fixed startup error due to invalid handle type
Always log folder pair paths even if there is nothing to sync
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 6.12 CentOS 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.12 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.12 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.12 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.11
Updated recycle bin access for Windows 10
New command line option "-edit" to load configuration without executing
Case-insensitive command line argument evaluation
New Explorer context menu options for ffs_gui, ffs_batch files
Added sync variant to folder pair info in log file
Don't process and log folder pair if nothing to do except writing DB file
Fixed liblzma.5.dylib not found during startup (OS X 10.8)
Added version info to application bundles (OS X)
Fixed incorrect warning when configuration contains empty folder pairs
Replaced misleading inotify error message "No space left on device" (Linux)
Fixed FreeFileSync launcher blocking app folder move (OS X)
Updated default main dialog layout
Fixed async error evaluation when creating volume shadow copies
Keep user interface responsive while creating a volume shadow copy
Fixed error when starting asynchronously from a batch script
Show progress of writing log files
Fixed updated file being left deleted when copying permissions failed
New Project website:
Download FreeFileSync 6.11 CentOS 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.11 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.11 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.11 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.10
Fixed crash when accessing recycle bin in compatibility mode (Windows 7, 8)
Draw middle grid selection irrespective of focus column
Don't show parts of progress graph if nothing to sync
Break on missing directories before evaluating warnings
Ignore leading/trailing whitespace in search panel
Disable search panel during comparison
Disable shortkeys during comparison
Log folder pair only if files are synced
Fixed number separator formatting for English locale
Copying locked files now inactive by default
Show all affected folders when warning about a shared sub folder
Download FreeFileSync 6.10 CentOS 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.10 Debian 7.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.10 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.10 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.10 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.9
Reuse FreeFileSync taskbar link when available (Windows 7)
Limit number of retries when creating temporary files
Fixed bitmap rendering issue for high-contrast color schemes
Revised and fixed unclear GUI texts
Updated deprecated system call when suspending idle (OS X)
Fixed retry when failing to determine recycle bin status
Added progress graph legend
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 6.9 Debian 7.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.9 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.9 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.9 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.8
New comparison option to ignore file time shift in hours
Tentatively disabled DST hack affecting FAT file creation times
New menu option to reset GUI layout
File sizes ignore sync direction in overview panel
Sort by file name also sorts folder names
Main grid column "full path" includes file name
Always position comparison progress below main buttons
Fixed high-precision tick count calculations
Fully restart directory traversal on errors
Updated help file with steps to schedule a batch job (OS X)
Download FreeFileSync 6.8 Debian 7.6 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.8 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.8 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.8 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.7
Redesigned comparison progress statistics
Fixed crash when loading incompatible config file
Added "new" button to config panel
Avoid sync progress dialog repositioning
Resolved crash when loading sync settings for Arabic locale
Restored cancel button width
Help window not forced to float over main dialog (Windows)
Fixed overwriting old-format batch files
Harmonized view category sequence
Merged similar translation items
Fixed crash when scrolling help window without focus
Download FreeFileSync 6.7 Debian 7.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.7 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.7 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.7 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.6
Fixed large font size standard button layout
Fixed config dialog graphics glitch with large font sizes
Exit FreeFileSync launcher process during update
Exclude temporary files from RealTimeSync monitor
Implement correct standard button spacing (OS X)
Fixed SELinux compilation issue (Linux)
Installer adds RealTimeSync link to desktop (Windows)
Improved makefile (Linux, OS X)
Reduced binary file size (Linux)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 6.6 Debian 7.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.6 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.6 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.6 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.5
Support preview for RAW CR2 image files (Windows Vista and later)
Fixed startup exception when using task scheduler (Windows XP)
Correctly resolve SystemRoot NT path syntax for symbolic links
Fixed incorrect error codes being reported (Windows XP)
Fixed config dialog shortcut key presses getting lost (OS X)
Allow vertical layout for top button panel
Code cleanup: removed support for old database and XML config formats
Center sync progress dialog
Updated help file
Download FreeFileSync 6.5 Debian 7.5 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.5 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.5 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.5 Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.4
Combined comparison, filter and sync config dialogs
Support alternate GlobalSettings.xml file via command line
Toggle between config panels with F6, F7, F8
Show config status icons in notebook panel caption
Redesigned configuration dialog layouts
Fixed startup error after moving installation directory
Fixed retry on failure to resolve path by volume name
Resolved ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS when creating temporary recycle bin subdirectory
Added "save as GUI job" button on main dialog
Added Bulgarian language
Download FreeFileSync 6.4 Debian 7.4 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.4 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.4 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.4 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.3
No wait time anymore while searching for recycle bin (Windows Vista and later)
Revised synchronization progress graph
Clean up "On completion" considering last usage
Fixed CTRL + C keyboard short cut in filter dialog (OS X)
Resolved static initialization order issues
Reduced disk accesses when resolving directory name
Added view filter labels
Updated translation files
Updated help file
Download FreeFileSync 6.3 Debian 7.4 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.3 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.3 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.3 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.2
New synchronization progress graph
Skip binary comparison for files excluded via time span or size
Fixed configuration panel ordering for entries starting with numbers
Filled gap after last grid column to cover full window width
Work around wxWidgets image button bug showing obsolete disabled state
Refined file existence checks to handle restricted permissions
Disable file filter button during comparison
Fixed mouse wheel grid scrolling for GTK2 (Linux)
Avoid dummy texts during progress dialog init (OS X)
Translated external application default commands in global settings
Support cancel while encoding extended time information
Highlight non-zero synchronization statistics
Download FreeFileSync 6.2 Debian 7.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.2 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.2 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.2 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.1
Released RealTimeSync for OS X
Handle errors loading reference batch config
Disable user mode exception swallowing for Windows 7 SP1
Always exclude root nodes on manual selection when excluded items are hidden
Fixed showing duplicate custom "on completion" commands
Close old directory handle first before executing directory traversal fallback
Show negative batch synchronization result in log file name
Avoid file system race when creating temporary files
Transfer creation and modification times on folder creation
Fixed empty main dialog configuration migration issue on Mac OS X
Download FreeFileSync 6.1 Debian 7.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.1 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.1 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.1 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 6.0
Revised main dialog panel layout
Show arrow icon for shortcut files and symlinks
Execute the "on completion" command asynchronously
Resolved invalid grid background when context menu is shown
Set negative file time tolerance to disable file time check
Optimized sequence of steps when saving database files
Prevent temporary incorrect statistics after unexpected increase in workload
Fixed default height when mixing panels with and without caption on main dialog
New view filter button "show excluded items"
New keyboard shortcuts for file filter and sync settings
Removed dependency for openSUSE 13.1
Updated help file
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 6.0 Debian 7.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.0 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.0 openSUSE 13.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 6.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 6.0 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.23
Allow sorting root nodes on overview panel
Support retry on failure to resolve path by volume name
Copy high-precision modification times for files and symlinks
Align top panel height with comparison and sync buttons
Show lock owner while waiting on a locked directory
Resolved help file W3C validation issues
Fixed high-contrast accessibility issues in help
Fixed crash for CPUs without SSE2 when using VSS (Windows XP)
Prevent progress statistics timer overflow
Save RealTimeSync settings before forced exit due to shutdown or log off
Resolved contract violation error due to out of memory
RealTimeSync does not block system shutdown anymore
Added "select all" context menu option for progress log
Have progress log keyboard input ignore focus
Fixed category icon background color issues
Report error when reading active config file failed during save
Preload adjacent file icons on grid
Download FreeFileSync 5.23 Debian 7.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.23 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.23 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.23 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.23 Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.22
New options for automatic retry after error
Improved compliance with Windows User Experience guidelines
Harmonized popup dialog layouts
Correctly show program menu when main dialog receives focus (OS X)
Revised configuration dialog layouts and designs
Fixed crash on startup for CPUs without SSE2 support (Windows XP)
Work around wxWidgets bug for sorted list boxes (Linux)
Updated and revised help file
Early parameter validation for filter and sync config dialogs
Fixed followed directory symlinks being incorrectly excluded
Automatically calculate best initial message box size
Progress graph and status icons support high-contrast color schemes
Include directory child-elements when manually setting filter
Allow manual filter for short name on overview panel
Don't treat file drops on directory input fields as URI (Linux)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.22 Debian 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.22 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.22 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.22 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.22 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.22 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.21
Detect moved/renamed files in mirror and custom variants
New database format for two way variant: old database files are converted automatically
Support double-clicking ffs_gui/ffs_batch files (OS X)
Integrated search panel (CTRL + F, F3) into main dialog
Merged variant names into top button labels
Hide dock icon while minimized to notification area (OS X)
New keyboard shortcuts: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10
Further reduced size of database files by 10%
Fixed Outlook *.ost files found missing on VSS snapshot volumes
Added include filter context menu option
Correctly scroll to search hits on different grid
Always remove .ffs_tmp files permanently
Fixed layout for buttons with text and graphics for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
Revised file filter parser: new syntax for excluding items in subdirectories
Improved configuration merge algorithm
Fixed crash when showing help due to wxWidgets 64-bit bug in help component (Windows 8)
Avoid progress dialog graph flicker during resize when too few samples are available
Progress status when deleting files not greyed-out anymore
Increased time-out to 20 seconds when checking for directory existence
Exclude broken symlinks via filter before showing error message
Follow symlinks when checking file/directory existence (Linux)
Consistently set batch error codes during startup phase
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.21 Debian 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.21 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.21 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.21 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.21 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.21 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.20
Fixed crash on startup due to wxWidgets 64-bit bug in font enumeration (Windows 8)
Download FreeFileSync 5.20 Debian 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.20 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.20 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.20 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.20 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.20 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.19
Redesigned progress dialog including new items graph
New command line syntax: set directory names of a .ffs_gui/.ffs_batch externally
Explicit button on progress dialog to minimize to systray
Fixed progress graph labels being truncated (Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE)
Resolved main dialog z-order issues during sync (OS X)
Reduced progress dialog layout twitching
Further improved comparison speed by 10%
Use proper config file path in file picker dialog (OS X)
Never interrupt when updating a file with fail-safe file copy after target was deleted
Prevent crash when closing progress dialog while paused (OS X)
Support external command lines starting with whitespace (Windows)
Show warning before starting external applications for more than 10 items
Start external applications synchronously if needed to avoid running out of system resources
Don't show hidden progress dialog when showing an error message in silent batch mode (OS X)
Correctly show file names containing ampersand characters in progress dialog
Adapt size of results dialog to fit contents
Correctly execute file move before parent directory will be deleted
Show a blinking system tray icon on errors instead of a modal dialog in RealTimeSync
Added installation size for Windows' Add/Remove Programs
Download FreeFileSync 5.19 Debian 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.19 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.19 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.19 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.19 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.19 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.18
Work around boost 1.54 bug "The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" (Windows XP)
Download FreeFileSync 5.18 Debian 7.1 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.18 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.18 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.18 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.18 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.18 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.17
Consider target file when updating followed file symlinks
Support moving files to recycle bin contained in followed directory symlinks
Move instead of copy updated files into versioning directory
Reduced memory peak when loading large database files after comparison
Check recycle bin existence only once per base folder and only if deletions occur (Windows)
Revised and enhanced error messages
Show moved files in same category as updated files
More pessimistic calculation of required disk space reducing false positives
Implemented platform-specific standard button ordering (Linux, OS X)
Set configuration panel primary orientation to vertical
Added new checks and error message strings for translation file parser
Revised middle grid inactive color and duplicate equality symbol
Skip XML comments while parsing config files
Redesigned confirmation popup dialogs
Standard button spacing conforms to operating system conventions
Shrink memory consumption of file hierarchy data structures
Don't show file deletion dialog if selection is empty
Fixed incorrect progress statistics if a file or directory is deleted externally after comparison
Focus grid cursor row after switching sides with keyboard direction keys
Improved localization process: find translation deltas more easily, better error reporting
Reset initiated grid selection when changing grid cursor
Improved sync progress dialog layout
Suppress dubious wxWidgets error message "locale 'es_AR' can not be set". (OS X)
Don't show busy cursor on synchronization results dialog
Log error message upon retry as type info only
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.17 Debian 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.17 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.17 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.17 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.17 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.17 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.16
Integrated both category and sync action view into middle grid
Condensed folder pair display names on overview panel
Consider symlinks and junctions when copying locked files (Windows Vista)
Resolved failure to set directory lock within Windows XP as Virtual Box guest
Period resolves to working directory again
Fixed "DecodePointer could not be located in KERNEL32.dll" (Windows 2000)
Support closing progress dialog forcefully during sync (OS X)
Don't disable all child items if directory traversal fails for a single item only
Simplified deletion confirmation dialog (removed "delete on both sides")
Work around wxWidgets leaking memory on exit (OS X)
Avoid wxWidgets crash when deleting folder pair control (OS X)
Prevent wxWidgets corrupting stack when wxLocale is allocated statically (Linux)
Use GetUserDefaultLangID to determine installer default language
Avoid progress speed and remaining time jitter
Check existence only once for duplicate base directories
Detect invalid file symlinks pointing to directories (Windows)
Disable unsuitable buttons in pop up dialogs when checkbox is set
Copy folder attributes if source is a junction already on Windows XP instead of Vista
Mark failed UTF conversions with replacement character
Do not restore main dialog position outside visible screen area (multi monitor setup)
Support detection of moved files through symlinks
Reduced memory consumption when detecting moved files
Check for duplicate file ids when detecting renamed files
Redetermine volume id for followed directory symlinks
Removed "Compare_Complete.wav"
Don't accept file deletion confirmation in less than 50ms
Systematically resolved translation bugs
Added Serbian language
Download FreeFileSync 5.16 Debian 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.16 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.16 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.16 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.16 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.16 Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.15
New menu option to activate/deactivate automatic update checking
Show status message while checking for program updates
Faster start up times through asynchronous config file checking
Automatically migrate configuration files to new format
New context menu options to copy and paste filter settings
Support file and folder names with trailing space or period characters
Do not show superfluous scroll bars for multiple folder pairs
Correctly show long file paths when moving to recycle bin failed (Windows Vista and later)
Status feedback before blocking while creating a Volume Shadow Copy
Do not show dummy texts while initializing progress dialog (OS X)
Allow to maximize filter dialog
New column for item count on overview panel
Allow CTRL + C to copy selection to clipboard on overview panel
Consider current view filter for file selection on overview panel
Work around silent failure to set modification times on NTFS volumes (Linux)
Avoid main dialog flash when closing progress dialog (Linux)
Do not show middle grid tooltip when dragging outside visible area
Reduced file accesses when loading XML files
Simplified structure of GlobalSettings.xml
Allow to change default exclusion filter via GlobalSettings.xml: "DefaultExclusionFilter"
Split filter entries over multiple rows in ffs_gui/ffs_batch XML files
Resolved failed assert during start up (ReactOS)
Create directory locks after one-time existence check
Show warning when locking directory failed
Reset main dialog layout to fix top panel default height being too small
New help file topic "Expert Settings"
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.15 Debian 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.15 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.15 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.15 openSUSE 12.3 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.15 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.15 Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.14
Do not process child elements when parent directory creation fails
Start comparison after pressing Enter in directory input fields
Lead grid is determined via keyboard input instead of input focus change
Ignore empty directory entries in RealTimeSync
Restored mouse cursor "snap to default button"
Implemented file icon support for sync preview (OS X)
RealTimeSync exit via menu working again
Restore main dialog even if "close progress dialog" is selected
Show full path when failing to create directory on not existing target drive
Middle grid tooltip shown correctly again (SUSE Linux/X11)
Prevent process hang when manually writing to directory history (Linux and OS X, wxWidgets 2.9.4)
Resolved crash after showing help dialog (OS X)
Properly handle non-ASCII characters for external commands (OS X)
Support UTF8 format restrictions on file systems like HFS (OS X)
Do not stretch small thumbnail icons (Linux)
Use 32x32 instead of 48x48 as medium icon size on Windows XP
Properly size non-jumbo icons in thumbnail view (Windows Vista and later)
Reduced GDI resources for file icon buffer (Windows)
Automatically check for updates weekly without showing pop up on first start
Restored program logo in systray progress indicator
Fit grid row label to match wide font sizes
Added macros %csidl_Downloads%, %csidl_PublicDownloads%, %csidl_QuickLaunch% (Windows Vista and later)
Download FreeFileSync 5.14 Debian 7.0 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.14 Fedora 18 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.14 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.14 openSUSE 12.2 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.14 Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.13
Prepared support for new build on Mac OS X
Time out for not existing directories after 10 seconds
Check directory existence in parallel
Inform about all missing directories via a single error message
Show remaining time considering relative error of 10%
Check for grid icon updates only when needed
Revised directory lock process detection
Implemented high resolution icons
Accessibility: fixed unreadable labels
More polished user interfaces
Fixed time stamp not being set on NFS/Samba shares (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 5.13 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.13 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.13 Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit

FreeFileSync 5.12
Dynamic statistics adjustment during synchronization
Allow to save active view filter settings as default (context menu)
Stay responsive while checking recycle bin existence on slow disks
Reset option "Delete on both sides" upon each manual deletion
Added context menu to allow deletion of last used configurations
Support numpad add/subtract keys for overview tree
Revised external application integration
Call external applications for multiple selected items
Automatically schedule abandoned recycle bin temp directories (.ffs_tmp) for deletion
Binary comparison speed estimate considers errors and short-circuit evaluation
Use full time window of sync phase when calculating overall speed
Added Arabic language
Download FreeFileSync 5.12 Mac OS X 64-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.12 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.11
New file versioning scheme: move to folder replacing existing files
Fixed high CPU consumption after longer syncs
Improved .ffs_batch configuration file handling
Allow to quick save .ffs_batch files on main dialog and program exit
Convert batch-exclusive settings when opening a .ffs_batch file on main dialog
Redesigned configuration dialog layout
Enhanced all file I/O error messages to show locking processes (Windows Vista and later)
Separator in CSV file now locale dependent
Avoid "Windows Error Code 2" for truly empty directories
Macro %month% resolves to decimal number
New macro %timestamp%
Revised sync progress graph
Fixed progress graph graphics glitch for RTL layout
Allow XML element values to contain non-escaped quotation marks
Updated help file
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.11 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.10
Show synchronization log as a grid in results dialog
Improved grid scrolling performance (most noticeable on Linux)
Allow grid selection starting from outside of the grid
RealTimeSync: Support drag & drop on main dialog for *.ffs_real and *.ffs_batch files
Optimized memory consumption when generating log for millions of items
Optimized memory consumption when exporting to CSV file
Have grid row height match window default font size
Catch out of memory when copying huge lists into clipboard
Fixed failure to resume aborted sync after having FFS implicitly create target directory
Fixed horizontal mouse wheel scrolling direction for RTL languages (Hebrew)
RealTimeSync: Fixed drag and drop not working (Linux)
Set maximum size of LastSyncs.log in GlobalSettings.xml element <LastSyncsFileSizeMax>
Show error when trying to copy a named pipe rather than hang (Linux)
Improved copy routine minimizing file accesses (Linux)
Copy file access permissions by default (Linux)
Fixed unexpected "File or Directory not existing" error during file copy (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 5.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.10 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.9
Scroll grid under mouse cursor
Move files directly to recycle bin without parent "FFS 2012-05-15 131513" temporary folders
Offer $HOME directory alias in directory drop down list (Linux)
Support for tilde (~) character in input folder paths (Linux)
New environment variables for RealTimeSync: %change_action%, "%change_path%
Use Internet Explorer proxy settings for new version check (Windows)
Show proper error message after failed symlink creation
Start comparison upon double-clicking config list
New batch return code: "Synchronization completed with warnings"
Hide files that won't be copied by default if direction "none" is part of the rule set (e.g. update variant)
Remember save config and folder picker dialog positions separately
New sync completion sound
Fixed sync completion sound not playing (Ubuntu)
Download FreeFileSync 5.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.9 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.8
New icon theme
Dynamic save button and dialog title show unsaved configuration
Exclude all folders if file size or time span filters are active
Added macros %csidl_Nethood%, %csidl_Programs%, %csidl_Startup%
Fixed crash on failed CRT parameter validation (Windows)
Update-checker handles moved web address
Fixed configuration conversion error when deleting into versioning folder
Avoid modal error dialogs in batch mode unless error handling is set to "pop up"
Set return codes in batch mode even if modal dialogs are shown
Disabled UAC virtualization for 32-bit user-mode process
Descriptive error message when setting invalid dates on FAT volumes
Download FreeFileSync 5.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.8 Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.7
Modern directory selection dialog (Windows Vista and later)
New file versioning scheme appending revision number to files
New sync option to limit number of versions per file
Revised configuration format for *.ffs_gui/*.ffs_batch files: old format will be supported for some time
Fixed crash on invalid file modification times
Fixed zlib error on empty database stream
GlobalSettings.xml: added "MaxSize" parameter to "ConfigHistory"
Fixed occasional crash on GTK 2 (Linux)
Always show "items processed" in log file
Simplified configuration dialogs
Fixed password prompt not always coming up when connecting to a network share
Support environment variables everywhere: +on completion; +external applications; +RTS command
Harmonized external application macros: %item_path%, %item_folder%, %item2_path%, %item2_folder%
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.7 Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.6
Resize left and right grids equally
Allow to move middle grid position via mouse
Automatically resize file name columns
Do not follow reparse points other than symlinks and mount points
Warn if recycle bin is not available during manual deletion
Fixed error when saving log file into volume root directory
Show files which differ in attributes only in the same category as "equal" files
Apply hidden attribute to lock file
Fixed potential "access denied" problem when updating the database file
Show errors when saving configuration files during exit (ignore for batch mode)
Mark begin of comparison phase in the log file
More detailed tooltip describing items that differ in attributes only
Added Scottish Gaelic translation
Download FreeFileSync 5.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.6 Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.5
New database format for <automatic> variant: old database files are converted automatically
Tuned performance for <automatic> variant when saving database for millions of files: > 95% faster
Support partial database updates for <automatic> variant respecting current filter
Reduced size of database files by 30%
Fine-tuned <automatic> algorithm to avoid certain conflicts after changing comparison settings
Lower peak memory consumption when reading database participating in multiple sync jobs
Refined symlink categorization and <automatic> variant handling
Always save log of last syncs to %appdata%\FreeFileSync\LastSyncs.log (128 kB limit)
"Save" and "Save As" menu options
Properly show status message after save configuration
Avoid issues applying file modification time on certain NAS
Refined last-used configuration handling
Avoid race-condition: database file is only read if directory is existing
Protect against temporary network drop between comparison and synchronization
Rearranged statistics panel to save vertical space when vertically aligned
Removed limitation for number of conflicts shown in the warning message and log
Consider both global and local filter when estimating whether folder could contain matches
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.5 Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.4
Copy all NTFS extended attributes
Improved statistics panel
Improved main grid
Support context menu for files in overview tree
Process double-clicks outside main grid
Allow quoted paths ending with backslash in command line: "C:\"
Fully localized number formatting (Windows)
Fixed deletion dialog header being trimmed (Linux)
Fixed exclusion via context menu (Linux)
Preserve row label width after comparison (Linux)
Updated help file
New batch mode return codes, see help file
Prefix custom deletion directory with job name
Use the same time stamp for log file and versioning
Handle folder drag and drop outside main grid
Avoid name clash having multiple folder pairs delete into the same versioning folder
Exit FreeFileSync automatically while upgrading to new version
Accessibility: Support high-contrast color schemes
Yet another UI design overhaul
Fixed "access denied" issue on OS X-hosted network shares
Support Citrix folder shares
Support Arch Linux (Chakra)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.4 Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.3
Show which processes lock a file during synchronization (Windows Vista and later)
Use unbuffered copy to speed up copying large files (Windows Vista and later)
Preserve NTFS sparse files
Support referencing all logical volumes by name (including FreeOTFE virtual drives)
Fixed lag showing "Searching for directory" on comparison
New context menu filter option: exclude by short name
Use clicked-on row rather than anchor when determining action for shift-selection
Refresh grid after pressing "CTRL + A"
Add base folder pairs to CSV export
Show full path in tooltip if multiple folder pairs are used
Show child dialogs on same monitor as parent dialog on multiple monitor systems
Added statistics at beginning of batch log file
Fixed batch mode final speed statistic and reset graph after binary comparison
RealTimeSync: Automatically retry after 15 seconds if an error occurs
Show button images untrimmed (Linux)
Fixed problems with auto-closing progress dialog (Linux)
Fixed unresponsive progress dialog and systray icon (Linux)
New option in GlobalSettings.xml: "LockDirectoriesDuringSync"
Added Lithuanian translation
Added Norwegian translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.3 Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.2
Fixed runtime error "Error comparing strings! (LCMapString)" (Windows 2000, XP)
Download FreeFileSync 5.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.2 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.1
New category for time span filter: last x days
Fixed "Error loading library function: GetVolumeInformationByHandleW" if NTFS permissions are copied
Fixed command line issues: allow config name without extension, allow multiple directories instead of a config file
Reenabled global shortcut F8 to toggle data shown in middle grid
Unified error handling on failure to create log directory
Do not close batch creation dialog after save
Tree view: compress and filter root nodes the same way as regular folder nodes
Fixed wrong tooltip being shown if directory name changes
Date range selector does not trim year field anymore
Show action "do nothing" on mouse-hover for conflicts in middle grid
Fixed "Windows Error Code 59: An unexpected network error occurred"
New filter pattern: *\* matches all files in sub directories of base directories
Fixed "*?" filter sub-sequence
Fixed "Cannot convert from the charset 'Unknown encoding (-1)'!"
Support CTRL + A in filter dialog
Support large filter lists > 32 kByte
Allow to hide file icons
Avoid switching monitor when main dialog is maximized on multiple monitor systems
Improved huge XML file loading times by a factor of 3000, saving by a factor of 3
Restore grid scroll position after repeated comparisons
Show log after sync when non-fatal errors occurred
Fixed crash in UTF8 conversion when processing a corrupted ffs_db file
Even more pedantic user interface fine-tuning
Compiles and runs on openSuse 12.1
Fixed grid page-up/down keys scrolling twice (Linux, wxGTK 2.9.3)
Fixed unwanted grid scrolling when toggling middle column (Linux, wxGTK 2.9.3)
Fixed middle grid tooltip occasionally going blank (Linux)
Support single shift-click to check/set direction of multiple rows
Removed gtkmm dependency (Linux)
Installer remembers all settings for next installation (local installation only)
All executables digitally signed
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.1 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit

FreeFileSync 5.0
New grid control
New tree control
Revised Right to Left layout for Hebrew
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 5.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 5.0 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 5.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.6
Execute user-defined command after synchronization
Option to automatically close synchronization progress dialog
Automatically adjust statistics during sync if changes happened after comparison
Fixed "DecodePointer could not be located in KERNEL32.dll" (Windows 2000)
Fixed "Windows Error Code 31: A device attached to the system is not functioning"
Mouse wheel will scroll list of folder pairs instead of toggle through directory history
No error message when scanning a single directory
Minimized disk accesses when deleting files
Less mouse-clicks required when overwriting configuration
Pause timers while showing error messages
Show error message for malformed external commands
Support detection of moved files over "subst" alias
New default font: Segoe UI (Windows Vista and later)
Save settings before forced exit due to shutdown or log off
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 4.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.5
Fixed "Windows Error Code 50: The request is not supported"
Fixed "Windows Error Code 124: The system call level is not correct"
Fixed config load performance problem if network drive is not reachable
Support traversing truly empty directories (no ., ..) (Windows)
Download FreeFileSync 4.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.5 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.4
Fixed error copying files containing alternate data streams (Windows)
Download FreeFileSync 4.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.4 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.3
Detection of moved and renamed files
New database format for <Automatic> mode: a full sync is suggested before upgrading
Fixed overwrite symlink with regular file
Fixed synchronization result dialog GUI glitch (Windows XP)
Fixed macro %weekday%
RealTimeSync: Fixed support for manual volume unmount (Windows)
Added Croatian language
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 4.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.3 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.2
Implemented workaround for compiler bug leading to uncaught exceptions (Windows 32 bit)
Shadow Copy Service: Native support for Windows7/Server 2008
Fixed reference by volume name parsing issue
Rearranged synchronization progress dialog
More concise log message format
Fixed default file icon (Kubuntu)
Support for wxWidgets 2.9 series (Ubuntu/Kubuntu)
FAT 2 sec tolerance for files dated in the future
Honor DACL/SACL inheritance flags when copying NTFS permissions (Windows)
New option in GlobalSettings.xml: "RunWithBackgroundPriority" (Windows Vista and later)
Download FreeFileSync 4.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.2 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.1
Improved synchronization progress dialog
Show all available aliases in directory history list
Show password prompt when connecting to mapped network share
Removed busy cursor after program start up
RealTimeSync: atomically detect missing directories
Handle not existing reference by volume name as an invalid path
Improved start up responsiveness by checking dir/file existence asynchronously
Fixed loading incorrect directory name when using multiple folder pairs
Allow passing multiple configurations via command line
Allow passing multiple directory names via command line
Download FreeFileSync 4.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.1 Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.1 Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 4.0
Thumbnail list view
Option to specify comparison settings at folder pair level
Correctly update parent-child relationship when changing sync directions
Show history list for additional folder pairs
Switch between volume name and full path in directory history list
Perf: shrinked folder matching CPU time by over 70%
Show windows environment strings in directory history list
Show windows special folder IDs in directory history list
Fixed progress dialog going into background on heavy load
Support creating old 8.3 directories
Take over configuration name when creating new batch job
Remember batch-specific settings when loading a ffs_batch file from main dialog
Drag & drop ffs_batch files on main dialog to test and edit batch settings
Automatically resolve objects deleted externally after comparison
Date column context menu: manual time range selector
New categories for time span filter: today, this week, this month, this year
Respect both sides when sorting by relative path
Updated COM error message reporting resolving "Unknown error"
Smarter configuration merge algorithm
Correctly show existing folders on both sides when using include filter
Fixed network access using WebDrive
Update modification times during file copy to write current values to database
RealTimeSync: write name of changed file into environment variable "changed_file"
RealTimeSync: fixed network drop incorrectly being handled as a failure
Set default direction according to current configuration when deleting manually
Plenty of GUI improvements
Updated help file
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 4.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 4.0 Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 4.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.21
Fixed deleting to user-defined directory
Fixed crash when using include filter
New global option to disable transactional file copy
Download FreeFileSync 3.21 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.21 Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 3.21 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.20
Scan multiple directories in parallel
Automatically resolve disconnected network maps
Fixed temporal hang when dropping large files on main dialog
<Automatic> mode: Fixed issue regarding directory names differing in case during first sync
Delete permanently if recycle bin is not available (Linux)
Keep FreeFileSync responsive when trying to access non-existent network folder
Support for Ubuntu Unity Launcher (Linux)
RealTimeSync: Failure notification if command line is invalid (Linux)
Download FreeFileSync 3.20 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.20 Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit Download FreeFileSync 3.20 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.19
Exclude sub directories from synchronization which cannot be accessed during comparison
Warning if Recycle Bin is not available instead of deleting silently (Windows)
Adapted log message if missing recycler leads to permanent deletion (Windows)
Revert to per file recycle bin handling if creating temp recycler folder fails
Avoid orphaned deletion temp directories on network drives
Quick-select comparison and synchronization options via double-click
New right-click drop down menu on comparison and synchronization settings button
New database design: copying the database file does not lead to complications anymore
Full support for "retry" while comparing
Don't copy empty folders when filtering by time span
Allow loading/merging multiple configurations files via file open dialog
Allow loading/merging multiple configurations in last used config list
Fixed system shutdown interruption during batch mode
Allow saving log files in both silent and non-silent batch jobs
Reduced main dialog flicker when switching configurations
Database and lock files created by FreeFileSync do not trigger RealTimeSync anymore
Restrict maximum number of visible folder pairs to 6 (configurable via GlobalSettings.xml)
New macros: %day%, %hour%, %min%, %sec%
Download FreeFileSync 3.19 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.19 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.18
Launcher running synchronously and returning application error code
Fixed sort by file extension
Fixed drag and drop of SAMBA network folder
Render (all) invalid file dates correctly on GUI
Correct layout selection for RTL and LTR languages
Correct GUI status texts while waiting for directory lock
Properly set default directory when loading configuration
New XML framework: zen::Xml
Added Hebrew language
Added Danish language
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.18 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.18 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.17
Filter files by size
Filter latest files by time span
Launcher automatically selecting 32/64 bit executable on start up
More detailed systray progress indicator
New database format for <Automatic> mode: a full sync is suggested before upgrading
Update database at individual file level (support for partial and aborted syncs)
New translation file format
Dynamically load existing translation files
Correct translation plural forms
Improved directory locking strategy
Restructured installation package
One button-click synchronization
Fixed CSV character encoding
Put CSV values in quotes if they contain semicolons
Explicit button and settings for "Custom" sync variant -> old configurations need to be migrated
Keyboard shortcuts also on middle grid
Minimize progress dialog by clicking on taskbar
Render invalid file dates correctly on GUI
Process user-defined commands via shell execution (FFS and RTS)
Allow base directory names having trailing white-space
Added Ukrainian language
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.17 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.17 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.16
Fixed file copy issues on SAMBA shares
Small GUI fixes
Download FreeFileSync 3.16 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.16 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.15
Overwriting a file as fully transactional operation
Optimized synchronization speed (non-cached volumes, e.g. memory sticks in particular)
Volumes can be specified by name: [<volume-name>]\<path> (use case: variable drive letters, RealTimeSync)
Copy NTFS compressed, encrypted and sparse file attributes
Copy NTFS compressed and encrypted directory attributes
Copy NTFS alternate data stream
Improved performance: CSV export, copy to clipboard, sync log display
Improved color theme support
Fixed crash on certain system text color settings
Fixed progress numbers for manual deletion
Allow aborting manual deletion via escape key
Use relative name for file tooltip
Automatically redirect arrow keys to main grid
More tolerant directory creation (operation not supported/wrong parameter)
More tolerant file move: ignore existing files (user-defined deletion directory)
Added macro %weekday%
Download FreeFileSync 3.15 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.15 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.14
New keyboard shortcuts: F5: compare F6: synchronize
Skip to next folder pair if fatal error occurred (instead of abort)
Reload last selected configuration on start up
Abort with error when copying to empty directory field
Full log information after comparison (including file transfer)
Check read access for source file before overwriting target
Fixed possible application crash after comparison
Fixed possible network freeze when comparing
Maximum number of log files can be specified
Don't condense white-space when loading XML configuration
RealTimeSync: Put executable name in quotes when parsing *.ffs_batch file
Large program icons - 256 x 256
Handle daylight saving time(DST) on FAT network shares
Skip DST handling if drive does not support accurate file times
Many small GUI/usability fixes
Added Korean translation
Download FreeFileSync 3.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.14 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.13
Implemented Advanced User Interface to allow user specified layout customizations
Process case sensitive file/directory/symlink names
Synchronize name/attributes only avoiding full copy if appropriate
Prevent hibernation/sleep mode during comparison and synchronization (Windows)
New database format: single file for FreeFileSync 32 and 64 bit versions
- full sync suggested before migrating to v3.13
- old sync.x64.ffs_db files may be deleted
Improved algorithm to calculate remaining time
Allow resizing window containing multiple folder pairs
Show folder short names in column file name
Correctly report message "nothing to sync" in batch mode
Removed libjpg-8 dependency (Linux)
Fixed loading correct maximized position on multi-screen desktop
RealTimeSync: Removed blank icons in ALT-TAB list during execution of command line
Show RealTimeSync job name as systray tooltip
Last used configurations as sorted list without size limitation
Remove redundant configuration when merging multiple ffs_gui/ffs_batch files
Warning if folder is modified that is part of multiple folder pairs
Aggregated warning messages for all folder pairs instead of one per pair
Added privilege to access restricted symlink content
Added Greek translation
Download FreeFileSync 3.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.13 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.12
Allow empty folder pairs without complaining
Automatically exclude database and lock files from all (sub-)directories (not only from base)
Resize grid columns on both sides in parallel
Fixed tooltip foreground text color (Linux)
Search via CTRL + F and F3 now as global hotkeys
Fully portable use of directory locking (Windows/Linux, 32/64 bit)
RealTimeSync: Treat missing network path the same as missing local path
Show current job name during synchronization (batch/gui)
Allow copying dereferenced (=followed) directory Symlinks over network share
Fail to copy Symlinks (=direct) over network share instead of silently creating empty folder (Windows XP)
Copy NTFS junctions as Symlinks (avoiding permission checks)
RealTimeSync: ignore request for device removal on network mapped drives
Support for copying SELinux security contexts
Fixed moving buttons in synchronization dialog
Allow deleting currently selected item from list of last used folders (not before wxWidgets 2.9.1)
Avoid losing focus after manually deleting a file
Preserve custom changes to sync directions after manually deleting a file
Handle empty tooltips correctly (Linux)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.12 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.11
Fixed migration issue: reasonable default value for number of folder pairs
Better message box background color
Download FreeFileSync 3.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.11 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.10
Automatically solve daylight saving time and time zone shift issues on FAT/FAT32 (finally)
Instantly resolve abandoned directory locks associated with local computer
Show expanded directory name as tooltip and label text (resolves macros and relative paths)
Do not copy relative file attributes for base target directories that are created implicitly
Move dialogs by clicking (almost) anywhere
RealTimeSync: ignore request for device removal on Samba shares
Added UTF-8 BOM for CSV export
Correctly handle window position on multi-screen desktop
Disabled warning "database not yet existing"
RealTimeSync: replaced delay by minimum idle time
Maximum number of folder pairs configurable via GlobalSettings.xml (XML node <FolderPairsMax>)
Added tooltips to display long filenames on main grid
Keep application responsive when deleting large directories
Vista/Windows 7: harmonize modification times shown on main grid with Windows Explorer
Changed background color to avoid unreadable texts in combination with certain color themes
Toggle middle grid comparison result/sync preview with right mouse button click
Further GUI enhancements/polishment/standard conformance
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.10 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.9
Advanced locking strategy to allow multiple processes synchronize the same directories (e.g. via network share)
Merge multiple *.ffs_batch, *.ffs_gui files or combinations of both via drag & drop
Copy file and folder permissions (requires admin rights):
- Windows: owner, group, DACL, SACL
- Linux: owner, group, permissions
- correctly handle Symbolic Links
- new option in global settings
Compare by content evaluates Symbolic Links
32-Bit build compiled with MinGW/GCC to preserve Windows 2000 compatibility
RealTimeSync: Handle requests for device removal (USB stick) while monitoring
Sort by file size: group symlinks before directories
Added macros %week%, %month%, %year% for creating time-stamped directories
Touch database file when changes occurred only
Moved settings "file time tolerance" and "verify copied files" to GlobalSettings.xml
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.9 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.8
New options handling Symlinks: ignore/direct/follow => warning: new database format for <Automatic> mode
Fixed crash when starting sync for Windows XP SP2
Prevent tooltip from stealing focus
Show associated file icons (Linux)
Run folder existence checks in separate thread (faster network share access)
Write <Automatic> mode database file even if both sides are already in sync
Don't raise status dialog to the top after synchronization
Embedded version information into executable (Windows)
Migrated compiler to Visual C++ 2010 (Windows)
Avoid losing manual changes when excluding via context menu
Adjusted update-checker web-address
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.8 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.7
RealTimeSync: Trigger command line only if all directories are existing
Allow for drag and drop of very large files
Batch modus: New "Switch" button opens GUI modus when warnings occur
Support copying old 8.3 filenames correctly
Handling of Symbolic Links configurable via GUI
Fine tuned calculation of remaining disk space for custom deletion directories
Save default config files only if actually changed
NSIS installer: Support for /D and /S switches
Fixed resource loading if installation folder is not working directory (Linux build)
Consolidated batch creation dialog
<Automatic> mode: Detect conflict when a directory shall be deleted while new sub-elements are to be copied
Automatically mark left behind temporary files (*.ffs_tmp) for deletion with next sync
New Project website:
A lot of small GUI fixes
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.7 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.7 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.6
Fixed occasional crash when starting FreeFileSync
Download FreeFileSync 3.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.5
Allow <Automatic> mode syncs between 32 bit, 64 bit, Windows and Linux builds
Show progress indicator in window title
Support for progress indicator in Windows 7 Superbar
Reduced progress indicator flicker
Prevent silent batch mode from taking keyboard focus
Improved error messages (loading/saving/copying files)
Improved environment variable tolerance: strip blanks and double-quotes
RealTimeSync: Fixed crash when double-clicking systray icon
Allow aborting all operations via Escape key
Added British English translation
Download FreeFileSync 3.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.4
Performance: Reduced Recycle Bin access time by 90%
Recycle Bin support for Linux
Performance: Reduced binary comparison sequential read time (by up to 75% for CD/DVD access)
Improved synchronization sequence to avoid disk space shortage: overwrite large files by small ones first
Fixed problems with file renaming on Samba share
New free text grid search via shortcuts CTRL + F and F3
Show number of processed files at end of synchronization
New optional grid column: file extension
New comparison category icons
Fixed handling sync-config of first folder pair
Allow moving main dialog by dragging client area instead of title bar only
Enhanced help file: Run RealTimeSync as Service
Prefix log files with name of batch job
Fixed GUI right-to-left mirroring for locales Hebrew and Arabic
Portable version: save configuration in installation folder
Many small GUI enhancements
Updated translation files
New Linux .deb package: ppa:freefilesync/ffs
Download FreeFileSync 3.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.3
New installer package for portable/local/32/64-bit versions
Built-in support for very long filenames: apply \\?\-prefix automatically
New button for synchronization preview: show equal files
RealTimeSync: Respond to directory or volume arrival, e.g. USB stick insert
Start comparison automatically when double-clicking on *.ffs_gui files
Visual progress indicator for sys-tray icon
Fixed string comparison for 'ß' and 'ss' (all Windows versions)
Fixed general string comparison for Windows 2000
Significantly faster file icon loading
Applied new IFileOperation interface for recycle bin (Windows >= Vista)
Patched <Automatic> mode to handle FAT32 2-second file time precision
Play optional sound after comparison: "Compare_Complete.wav"
Allow environment variables for log file-directory
Enhanced conflict reporting
Added Swedish translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.2
Native Windows 64-Bit version (including Volume Shadow Copy Service)
Harmonized filter handling: global and local file filters
Unified handling of first folder pair: all pairs now semantically equal
Use environment variables within directory names (e.g. %USERNAME%)
New keyboard shortcuts to set sync-direction: ALT + <arrow key>
Allow copying to non-encrypted target directory
Fixed sort by filename
Fixed GDI resource leak when scrolling large grids
Fixed string comparison for 'ß' and 'ss' (Windows >= Vista)
Faster file icon loading
Remove elements in folder drop down list via DEL key
New integrated help file
Play optional sound after synchronization: "Sync_Complete.wav"
Several GUI/usability improvements
Created package for
Added Finnish translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.1
Support for multiple data sources in Automatic mode
Copy file and folder create/access/modification times when synchronizing
Progress dialog can be minimized to systray (Batch and GUI mode)
Allow switching between silent/non-silent batch mode interactively
Some GUI improvements
Download FreeFileSync 3.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 3.0
New synchronization mode: <Automatic>
Consolidated batch mode error handling
Fixed crash when comparing multiple pairs by content
Fixed calculation of remaining objects
Fixed swapping grids
Show scanned files when traversing with filter enabled
New default filter values
New macros %time%, %date% for creating time-stamped directories
Avoid corrupted data when program is terminated unexpectedly
Prevent deletion when source-directory (temporarily) is not accessible
Native Unicode support for Linux build
Added Romanian translation
Added Turkish translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 3.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 3.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 2.3
New filter and sync configuration at folder pair level
Improved sorting: sort across multiple folder pairs
stable sorting in middle grid
consolidated sorting of sync-direction
Open external applications via context menu(customizable)
Removed performance penalty when using include filters
Improved filter syntax for strings beginning with wildcards
Default handling for conflict files now configurable
New option to show all hidden dialogs again
Fixed issue with macros %nameCo, %dirCo
New option in *.ffs_gui/ffs_batch files: Verify copied files
Use Windows Volume Shadow Copy for shared and locked files(new)
More detailed information in *.cvs export
Use current working directory to save global configuration (portable version)
Respect sub directories when manually changing sync-direction
Allow import of batch configuration into GUI mode
Some small GUI improvements
New shortcuts: SPACE: (de-)select rows; ENTER: start external application
Performance improvements: Reduced CPU time by 28%, (peak) memory consumption by 20%
Added Traditional Chinese translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 2.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 2.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 2.2
New user-defined recycle bin directory
Possibility to create synchronization directories automatically (if not existing)
Support for relative directory names (e.g. \foo, ..\bar) respecting current working directory
New tooltip in middle grid showing detailed information (including conflicts)
Status feedback and new abort button for manual deletion
Options to add/remove folder pairs in batch dialog
Added tooltip showing progress for silent batch mode
New view filter buttons in synchronization preview
Revisioned handling of symbolic links (Linux/Windows)
GUI optimizations removing flicker
Possibility to create new folders via browse folder dialog
Open files with associated application by special command string
Improved warning/error handling
Auto-adjust columns automatically or manually with CTRL + '+'
New macros for double-click command line: %name, %dir, %nameCo, %dirCo
Fixed runtime error when multiple folder pairs are used
New tool 'RealTimeSync': Watch directories for changes and start synchronization automatically
Improved XML parsing, fault tolerance and concept revisioned
More detailed statistics before start of synchronization
Removed superfluous border for bitmap buttons (Linux only)
Added Czech translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 2.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 2.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 2.1
Fixed bug that could cause FreeFileSync to crash after synchronization
Compiled with MS Visual C++ 2008 using static runtime library
Download FreeFileSync 2.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 2.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 2.0
Copy locked files using Windows Volume Shadow Copy
Load file icons asynchronously for maximum display performance
Handle include filter correctly when comparing
Display optional summary window before starting synchronization
Adjust sync direction properly when switching sides
Info about sync variant on main dialog
Issue a warning message for each conflict type when comparing
Save default configuration in user application path (Installer based version)
Limit main dialog minimum size
Update grid row labels while scrolling
Right-click selects cell before opening context menu
New context menu options to manually assign a sync-direction
Moved sync-preview switch into middle grid's context menu
Possibility to remove top folder pair
Fixed calculation of row total in sync preview
File icons configurable for each side
Many small GUI improvements
Compiled successfully with GCC 4.4.0 and MS Visual C++ 2008
Added Russian translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 2.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 2.0 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.19
New synchronization preview
Sync-direction can be adapted manually
New category type "conflict"
New check for unresolved conflicts
Improved overall GUI layout
New check for erroneous file modification dates
Optional pop up to notify on changed configuration
Files with invalid dates (e.g. year 30.000) do not result in a program abort anymore
Replaced column "full name" by "full path" to be combined with "filename"
Apply filtering WHILE comparing (if activated) and avoid traversing excluded directories
New filter paradigm: use relative instead of absolute names
New option "ignore DST +/- 1-hour" to correctly handle daylight saving changes
Sync preview statistics now on main dialog
Show only relevant synchronization options
File icon display configurable via grid column context menu
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.19 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.19 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.18
Linux build officially released: all major problems solved!
New statistic: remaining time
New statistic: bytes per second
Automatically check for program updates every week
Finally got rid of scroll bar in middle grid for Linux build
Fixed issue with file icon display
Fixed overlapping grid cells
Alternate log file directory configurable via GUI
Added drag & drop support for batch job assembly
Simplified filter usage: - <dirname> matches "<dirname>\*" as well as "<dirname>\"
- only distinct filter entries are considered
Platform dependent line breaks in configuration *.xml files
"Significant difference check" runs at folder pair level
Sorting runs at folder pair level
New check for sufficient free disk space (considering recycle bin usage)
New optional grid column: directory
New sort by directory name
Reduced memory consumption by 10%
A lot of smaller improvements
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.18 Source

FreeFileSync 1.17
Full support for Windows/Linux symbolic links:
- traverse, copy, delete symbolic links
- handle broken symbolic links
- new options in GlobalSettings.xml: TraverseDirectorySymlinks, CopyFileSymlinks
New menu option: "Check for new version"
Copy folder attributes and security settings when implicitly creating folders
Maximum file time difference now fully configurable
New history of last selected folders
Fixed "Year-2038-Problem" for time_t
Upgraded to wxWidgets 2.8.10
Individual folder pairs can be selected for removal
Performance: Reduced CPU time by 9%, memory consumption by 36%
Support for cancellation when copying and comparing large files
Smooth progress indicators when copying and comparing large files
Support for Shift-PageUp/PageDown
Support for Home/End and Shift-Home/End
Alternative log file directory configurable via *.ffs_batch Xml
Show explorer file icons in grid (windows only)
Fixed compilation issues for Linux build
Fixed grid alignment issue in Linux build
Enhanced error messages for Linux build
Optimized traversing algorithm for Linux build
Fixed graphical misalignment with multiple folder pairs
Added Slovenian translation
Added Hungarian translation
Added Spanish translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.17 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.17 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.16
Support for \\?\ path prefix for unrestricted path length (directory names > 255 characters) (windows only)
Copy files even if target folder does not exist
Fixed occasional error when switching languages
Added sys-tray icon for silent batch mode (pause, abort, about)
Support for numeric DEL-key
Avoid endless loops with Vista symbolic links (don't traverse into symbolic links - configurable)
New functionality for loading batch files (load button or drag & drop to main/batch window)
New options for batch file error handling: "pop up, ignore errors, exit with returncode < 0"
New option to reset all warning messages
Allow marking both sides of the main grid via CTRL + mouse-click
Allow manual deletion of files on both or one side only (respecting selections on both sides)
Special recycler option for manual deletion
New optional grid column: Full name
Fixed locale related issue when comparing. Big thanks to Persson Henric for providing support!
New check if more than 50% of files will be overwritten/deleted
Save memory by clearing old results before re-comparing
Usability improvements:
- name of config file in window title
- refresh view filters on configuration load
- default to ascending sort when changing column
- maximum length of config file history customizable through xml
- new "load configuration" button
- check/uncheck option for middle grid
- support for CTRL + A (select all)
- enhanced error messages (windows only)
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.16 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.16 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.15
Fixed performance bottleneck in batch mode (non-silent)
Improved performance of comparison by another 10%
Configure column settings by right-click context menu
Remember column positions on main grid
Hide/Show individual columns
Added "sort by comparison result"
Sort file list by relative name after comparison (GUI mode only)
Removed Windows registry usage for portable version
Restored line breaks in status texts for better readability
Revised German translation. Thanks to «Latino»!
Created custom button control to finally translate "compare" and "synchronize"
Allow manual setup of file manager integration (Windows and Linux)
Added Step-By-Step guide for manual compilation (Windows and Linux)
Added checkboxes to manually select/deselect rows
New option: Treat files with time deviation of less-equal 1 hour as equal (FAT/FAT32 drives only)
Added Polish translation
Added Portuguese translation
Added Italian translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.15 Source

FreeFileSync 1.14
Massive performance improvements:
- comprehensive analysis and optimization of comparison functionality
- new, fast directory traversing algorithm
- improved folder hierarchy compare algorithm
- lazy evaluation of formatted date strings
- new high-performance string class
=> reduction of CPU time by more than 90%!
Folder attributes are copied during synchronization
Sorting now case-insensitive (Windows-only)
Allow column positioning on main grid
Many small fixes
Added Chinese translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.14 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.14 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.13
Automatically detect daylight saving time (DST) change for FAT/FAT32 drives
Added directory dependency check when synchronizing multiple folder pairs
New synchronization option: "update"
Reduced status screen flicker when comparing and synchronizing
Fixed bug when sorting by filename
Further GUI improvements
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.13 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.13 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.12
Significantly improved speed of all sorting algorithms
Keep sorting sequence when adding or removing rows
'Sort by relative path' secondarily sorts by filename and respects folders
Allow adding multiple files/folders to exclude filter via context menu
Exclude full relative path instead of short filenames via context menu
Fixed possible memory leak when canceling compare
New option to manually adjust file modification times (To be used e.g. for FAT32 volumes on DST switch)
Handling of different types of configuration (GUI, batch, global)
Enhanced exception handling
Multiple GUI improvements
Added Dutch translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.12 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.12 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.11
Support for multiple folder pairs
Optimized performance of multiple pairs to scan each folder just once
Enhanced batch file format
New context menu option to add files, file types or directories to exclude filter
Reworked file filter dialog
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.11 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.11 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.10
Transformed configuration file format to XML
Exchanged batch files with shell links for full Unicode support (Windows-only)
Improved filter usage: ignore leading/trailing white-space, upper/lower-case (Windows-only) chars
Removed screen-flicker when clicking on compare:
Added elapsed time to compare status
Calculate height of middle grid independently of OS window layout
Multiple GUI improvements
Added Japanese translation
Updated translation files
Download FreeFileSync 1.10 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.10 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.9
Fixed wxWidgets multithreading issue that could cause synchronization to hang occasionally
Fixed issue with %1 parameter
Fixed issue with recycle bin usage in Unicode mode
Added uninstaller
New installer option to associate *.ffs files with FreeFileSync
Transformed language files to Unicode (UTF-8)
Delete elements in configuration history list via DELETE key
Download FreeFileSync 1.9 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.9 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.8
Enhanced status bar information
Enhanced log file information
Enhanced progress information
Added Unicode support
Program now waits until work is completed when abort is triggered during synchronization
Added French translation
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.8 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.8 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.7
Display only those view filter buttons that are actually needed
Compare by size and date: last write time may differ by up to 2 seconds (NTFS vs FAT32)
Fixed minor issue with trailing path separator when creating batch jobs
Fixed minor issue with window sizes not being remembered in some special situation
Further improved Unicode compliance
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.7 Source

FreeFileSync 1.6
Significantly improved speed of filtering files and view (< 10 ms for > 200,000 rows(!))
Fixed minor grid mis-alignment under some special conditions
Enhanced status bar with centered texts
Flexible filter options depending on compare variant
Improved synchronization statistics
Fixed issue when trying to delete system folders
Usability improvements
Recycle Bin usage as command line parameter
New menu bar
Program language selectable from menu
UI-option to create sync jobs (batch files) for automated synchronization
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.6 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.6 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.5
Improved speed of comparison by file content
Simplified and optimized calculation of accumulated file sizes
Added right-click context menu to main dialog
New installer for Windows
Improved usability of filtering and selecting rows
Solved possible issue with different file time precisions in multi-OS environments
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.5 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.5 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.4
Implemented generic multithreading class to keep "compare by content" and "file synchronization" responsive
Added status bar when comparing files (with additional status information for "compare by content")
Some further speed optimizations
Added option to skip error messages and have them listed after synchronization
Restructured loading of configuration files
The result grid after synchronization now always consists of items that have not been synchronized (even if abort was pressed)
Added "remaining files" as sync-progress information
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.4 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.4 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.3
Maintain and load different configurations by drag&drop, load-button or command line
New function to delete files (or move them to recycle bin) manually on the UI (without having to re-compare):
Deleting folders results in deletion of all dependent files, subfolders on UI grid (also no re-compare needed)
while catching error situations and allowing to resolve them
Improved manual filtering of rows: If folders are marked all dependent subfolders and files are marked as well
(keeping sort sequence when "hide filtered elements" is marked)
Comprehensive performance optimization of the two features above (manual filtering, deletion) for large grids (> 200,000 rows)
Improved usability: resizable borders, keyboard shortcuts, default buttons, dialog standard focus
Main window will remember restored position even if maximized
Updated sources to become more Linux and Unicode friendly
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.3 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.3 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.2
New progress indicator and status information when synchronizing:
->available for command line mode and UI mode: Status update and final error report
New progress information when comparing directories
Multithreading for copying of files to keep program responsive
Optimized all status dialogs and progress indicators for high performance: practically NO performance loss
Possibility to abort all performance critical operations (comparison, synchronization) at any time
New options in case of an error: "Continue, retry, abort" for UI and command line
New command line option "-skiperrors" to continue synchronization despite errors
Enhanced log file (-silent mode) to include all errors during compare and synchronization
Do not synchronize folders that have been deleted externally (but show an error message)
Manually filter out ranges from synchronization instead of just single rows
Some UI improvements
New option to use Recycle Bin when deleting or overwriting files
New synchronization sequence: first delete files, then copy files to avoid disc space shortages
Added different return values when used in command line mode to report success or failure
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.2 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.2 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.1
Some further speed optimizations (sorting)
Written custom wxGrid class to avoid mapping of data to UI: huge performance increase (especially with formatted grids > 100,000 items)
Filter files to include/exclude them from synchronization
Minor UI and text adaptions
Allow direct keyboard input for directory names
Added possibility to continue on error
Added indicator for sort direction
Simplified code concerning loading of UI resources
Prepared code to support Unicode in some future version
Updated German translation
Download FreeFileSync 1.1 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.1 Windows

FreeFileSync 1.0
Initial release
Download FreeFileSync 1.0 Source Download FreeFileSync 1.0 Windows