FreeFileSync Open Source File Synchronization

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FreeFileSync User Manual:

Variable Drive Letters

USB memory sticks or external hard disks often get different drive letters assigned when plugged into distinct computers. FreeFileSync offers two solutions to handle this problem:

Option 1: Specify a folder path by using the volume name:
Enter the path as [USB-NAME]\folder instead of E:\folder where USB-NAME is the volume name of the USB stick which is currently mounted in drive E:\.

Drive letter by volume name It is not required to look up and enter the volume name manually. Just select the corresponding entry in the drop down menu.

Option 2: Use a relative directory name:

  • Use \folder instead of E:\folder
  • Save and copy synchronization settings to the USB stick: E:\Backup.ffs_gui
  • Start FreeFileSync by double-clicking on E:\Backup.ffs_gui

The working directory is then automatically set to E:\ by the operating system so that the relative path \folder will be resolved as E:\folder during synchronization.