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FreeFileSync User Manual:

RealTimeSync: Run as Service (Windows)

RealTimeSync is designed to run as a background process which does not need further attention. Depending on your requirements, there are a number of ways to start it automatically. Generally, the goal is to execute a command line of the form:
<FreeFileSync installation folder>\RealTimeSync.exe <path to *.ffs_real or *.ffs_batch file>
"C:\Program Files\FreeFileSync\RealTimeSync.exe" "D:\Backup Projects.ffs_real"

Example: Run RealTimeSync on Windows login

Create a new shortcut, enter the command line from above as target and place it into the Windows autostart folder. (Enter shell:startup in the Windows Explorer address bar to find the folder quickly.)

Create shortcut

Shortcut properties

Example: Start RealTimeSync as a Service

RealTimeSync should be monitoring while Windows is running, irrespective of currently logged-in users: Create a new task in your operating systems's task scheduler and have it execute the command line above when the system starts. See Schedule Batch Jobs for an example of how to add a task. Then change the user which runs the task to SYSTEM - a special user account always running in the background.

Schedule RealTimeSync