Feature suggestion: Collapsible Folder Tree and Same Disk Mode

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Post by hugocarvel • 14 Feb 2016, 15:08

Hi, authors & users of FFS, I've been using FFS for couple years and I love it, but I really need you to consider to improve the details of the sync methods.

1. Collapsible folder tree structure

Currently, all files and folders are listed at the same level. An expend/collapse control for each level of the folder tree can be really helpful to make the compare result list much shorter and more readable. It's more friendly for people who wanna apply same action to entire folder without scroll down a mile long looking for the next top level folder.

2. Same disk mode

Some times we just wanna combine backups into one to save some disk space and make things simpler and easier. But unexpectedly FFS COPY files instead MOVE them as default. I have to delete the unwanted folder manually after updated the latest folder/backup every time. Which means, I need times of free disk space to move around files. It is painful to manually compare where has the sync been done when the operation has been interrupted due to ran out of disk space and delete those files to cleanup some space then start over the sync operation.

We really don't need this. Please simply MOVE them when they are on the same drive! (Or leave MOVE or SAME DISK MODE as an option)

I'll be very appreciated if you guys make these happened !! Thanks a lot.

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Post by Andross • 24 Feb 2016, 10:13

i totally agree with the request of collapsible folder tree: when you have to check a large number of files is can be more readable in this way.

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Post by Stadly • 27 Apr 2019, 11:26

A collapsible tree view would have been great! Are there any plans for implementing that? Here is an old request for the same thing: Tree View. It is seems many people are interested in this, and have been for quite some time!

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Post by SBlake • 01 May 2019, 13:04

Yes totally agree with a collapsible folder tree. I have a plethora of files and folders in my design and music production folders that I need to easily keep track of (both installed apps and appdata), and presets for apps in different locations.

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Post by bofh • 28 May 2019, 07:30

+1 for the collapsible tree