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Post by cinciopillo

It should be very useful to be able to select files to sync by creation date.
Flag: {Include/exclude }
Files created between: {from date} - {to date}

In this way we are able to create mirror sync with month/year folders.
mirror all files created in 2019 from SourceFolder to "2019files" folder.
mirror all files created in Jan 2019 from SourceFolder to "2019-01" folder.

Thank you

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Post by punctum

Yes exactly this is what I need too.

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Post by Zenju

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Post by markusoft

I NEED filters (macros) to work in FILE FILTERS
*%year%*%month%* etc...

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Post by xCSxXenon

Markusoft, you are talking about a form of wildcard. The problem is, the wildcard needs to get it's info from somewhere. To do what you are wanting would require, essentially, an environmental variable that can be passed through the filter so the dates can be parsed from each file.