Comparing time stamps between NTFS and Synology

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Post by PapaSmurf69 • 06 May 2019, 01:31

Hi All
I started using the FFS recently and run into a snag - hope someone can guide me.
I'm trying to use FFS for keeping in sync my photos and music libraries between my Win7 PC and a Synology disc station.
I noticed that after syncing the time stamps are different up to several minutes, and the difference may vary. The result is that the same files are copied over and over in each session.
Tried specifying the Ignore time shift value, but that's not helping.
The user manual mentions the expert settings which look promising, only that the GlobalSettings.xml file does not exist in my installation - could it be that the manual refers to an obsolete feature?
I'm using the 10.11 version.
Thanks for all the input!

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Post by Zenju • 06 May 2019, 13:01

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Post by PapaSmurf69 • 07 May 2019, 01:26

Thanks for replying Zenju, but I don't see a relevance to my problem. I don't have copy errors when syncing.

The Synology disc station has a different file system and approximates the time stamps, but in many cases it is several minutes off. As a result, FFS sees these files as requiring syncing, while they have already been processed in the previous session and neither of them touched. This does not happen with every file, but about 40% of my library.

What I am after is a higher tolerance in comparing the time stamps to consider them being the same.