Change name of a folder in compare result

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Post by VladimirII

I had a situation where it would have come in handy if it was possible to change the folder name of one side (pressing F2), because it was changed but not recognized by this compare run.

Thus FFS wanted to create the old foldername on one side and the new name on the other side. Creating duplicates of course.

From the circumstances itself of the run it´s fine the change was not recognized. Even expected.
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Post by Plerry

The best FFS (as a sync tool) can do, it to recognize a folder- (or file-) name has changed on one side and apply that same change to the other side. And this is exactly what FFS does (if possible) when using the *.ffs_db databases.
It is not realistic (at least in my view) to expect FFS to be able to handle cases where a left folder called A is called B on the right side, but is to be treated as if it was called A (if I understood your description correctly).
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Post by VladimirII

The *.ffs_db database is not available.
That after syncing both sides have the same name is correct.

Right now 2 Scenarios:
1. - Choose to delete on side with old folder name and all what´s in
- sync new folder and all what´s in
Even if most of the files in the folder are already the same they need to be copied now.
=> takes longer, for Flash Drives extra use-cycle.
2. - Open the parent folder of the older side. Edit folder name to changed/new
- run compare again

It is just an idea for more conveniance.
To realise you have such a situation is the other thing.

If a folder already exists on both sides, a simultanious change to help organizing would also be possible.