Auto pause to prevent USB from getting to hot

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When I backup many files to an USB stick the speed falls to 0 when the USB stick gets hot.
Must use pause for a while and then restart (and then the speed is OK for a while).
Is there a way to do this automaticly? Take a minute pause each 5 minutes or so?
If not, is this an idea for a new feature?
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Get a better flash drive. If it gets hot enough to stop transferring, it's going to be dead before you know it. The time to implement a feature to bandaid bad hardware is not worth it
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the speed falls to 0 when the USB stick gets hot
Do you know that to be the case? As in if the USB drive hits 85C, it says, "whoa there, time for a timeout!".

Is it possible that the drive has cached data, that it needs to physically write out, & during that time it tells FFS, "send no more data, until I say, OK, OK?".

Does an overall transfer of data take an expected amount of time, regardless of "0" speed times?

As in, is a slow steady "speed" just as fast as a speed that is much faster, at times, but that also varies greatly - even dropping to 0 at times? (Sort of like the tortoise & the hare.)