Synchronizing 2 rekordbox libraries.

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Post by plotney

Hello guys!
The task: Synchronise 2 rekordbox(dj software) libraries & synchronise 2 music folders.
Basically i've got 2 networked machines both running windows 10, syncing music folders is easy, but for the library sync is a bit harder, as if i select different compare methods it shows up different files to sync.
The library itself is around 2gb & over 30,000 files.
Scanning local side is a matter of seconds, but scanning remote side takes up some time. Is there a way for FFS to scan local side on both machines and create a log of files that been changed? so that when remote machine connects, instead of scanning the whole folder, it would just pick up that file and work according to it?
If not, the question is, what is the best way to scan for changes? bearing in mind that most files are couple kb each.
Thank you in advance!