Minimize on Mac makes application disappear!

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Kind of a weird issue -- using the Version 9.7 donation edition on Mac OS X 10.10.5. While synchronizing files, clicking on the down arrow makes application window, and indeed the application itself disappear -- as if someone had selected "Hide Application" or quit instead.

However, the application itself appears to still be running in the background. I can see it using Activity Monitor -- there are two "FreeFileSync" processes running, synchronizing files in the background. But no matter what I do (short of killing the background task and restarting), I cannot get the application to reappear. The application icon for the instance that's running hidden does not appear in the Dock. Likewise, the Application does not show up when using the Command-Tab key combo. It does not show up even in "Force Quit Application" window using Command-Option-ESC key combo.

Not sure if the application will behave the same if the standard minimize (yellow) button is selected instead.
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The blue down button minimizes into the notification area.
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Respectfully, the response to the original question is useless. The user already stated that pressing the down arrow button minimized the window. Zenju restates this (removing any reference to the problem that the window can't be recovered) and makes no attempt to provide a solution.

I have encountered this issue myself on Mac OS. Pressing the minimize button makes the window go away but it does not appear to me recoverable (at least not in any obvious way). There is nothing FFS-related in the notification area, as the button description suggests should be the case after minimizing. I went into Activity Monitor, which confirmed that there is still an FFS process running and taking up CPU cycles. But there is no way through Activity Monitor to restore the window. FFS also does not appear in the Dock (the usual way of restoring windows). I also tried using ctrl-down while in the FFS app (which normally allows the user to switch between application windows) but this didn't work either. FFS is unusual in a Mac context in that the user can create multiple instances of the same application (rather than multiple windows within a single running instance), which I believe is a holdover from the Linux scheme of things.

This is definitely a bug and after five years one would expect a response or solution. I have a large (1.3TB) sync in progress, and I do not want to force the FFS process to quit because I am worried about file and disc corruption. For an application which often is allowed full disc access and manages large numbers of files, not being able to access the window (and thus having no orderly way to terminate the sync or the app itself) is a serious issue. An updated response, one with some information this time, would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello all. I'm sure this has been listed somewhere on this forum, but I couldn't find it, so forgive me if everyone knows this now. When you minimize the Status window of the FreeFileSync application on a mac, it "minimizes" to the top Mac Menu Bar with an icon that will bring up that session.