Wrong Warning Counter in FFS-Log ... ?

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Post by volker01 • 19 Oct 2018, 10:44

In my example here - there is only one warning,
but the warning counter shows every time one too many,
it counts also the the last line, i think that is not correct.
the last is the summary and should not be counted.

|19.10.2018 | host | Completed with warnings
| Warning: 2
| Items processed: 28.552 (16,2 GB)
| Total time: 00:20:00

[00:32:40] Info: Using non-default global settings:
Copy locked files - Enabled
[00:36:02] Info: Comparison finished: 399.436 items found
[00:36:03] Warning: The following folders are significantly different. Please check that the correct folders are selected for synchronization.
[00:52:40] Warning: Completed with warnings

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Post by Zenju • 28 Oct 2018, 13:51

Fixed. The last item was mostly just a summary, and as such should not be included as an extra log item. Other cases like "nothing to sync" or "cancelled" do not have a summary status, and will be kept at the end.
This will solve the error/warning counters and also get rid of some redundancy: