I need to remove all the sync files

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Post by JustDoIt

First I would like to congratulate you for the super useful and well-designed program.
I would like to know, how do I delete all sync files created.
I made a backup using two-way synchronization, but when searching, I learned that it creates the hidden synchronization files for each folder.
Only later I learn that mirror and update synchronization does not create these files at least if you do not select change detection.
However, at this moment, I need to remove all the sync files to leave it clean.
Can someone please guide me on the safe way to delete these files to leave only my original files?
Thank you
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Post by sgtsixpack

File explorer > view > click options > use view tab > under advanced settings click the option to * show hidden files and folders > ok. Search your folders for .ffs files (not 100% sure if the file extention I typed is accurate).
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Post by Plerry

The files you seem worried about are *.ffs_db files.
If you are sure you want to get rid of those, seach for *.ffs_db files and delete these.