Folder in exclude list doesn't exclude \.recycle\

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Post by sevenman

I have a folder called ".recycle". I want to exclude it while syncing. but it doesn't work.
I have some other folder in exclude list, they are excluded successfully.

why the only folder name ".recycle" doesn't work. or I'm missing something.
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Post by Plerry

From the (partially visible) Compare result window, it seems your .recycle folder is not in the root of your left (or right) base location, but inside the Resources folder in your left (or right) base location.
In that case, you should exclude \Resources\.recycle\ if you just want to exclude that specific .recycle folder, or *\.recycle\ if you want to exclude all .recycle folders.
As explained in the Manual pages on In- and Exclusion (first bullet), all FFS Filter setting are relative to the root of the left and right base locations.
A simple way to learn to use correct Filter rules is to, in the FFS GUI, run a Compare and then right-click on the folder or file to be In- or Excluded, and select the suitable In- or Exclusion.
You can then open the Filter setting and review what FFS has added as a filter rule.
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Post by sevenman

Your replay has the information more than i expected.
i hope it will work for sure. i need to exclude every folder named ".recycle"
so, i will use *\.recycle\

Thank you very much!!