Monitoring file changes with RealTimeSync

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Post by ineuw

In one folder with dozens of files, I need only 12 files to be backed up. Currently, I am using a batch file to copy these files to the Google Drive sub-folder.

In another case, a batch file zips a folder and moves the zipped copy to a Google Drive sub-folder.

Is it possible to include these in RealTimeSync?
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Post by Plerry

Case 1)
You can use RealTimeSync (RTS) to monitor said one folder for changes.
And upon detecting a change have RTS launch FreeFileSync (FFS).
In the FFS configuration, instead of syncing everything (*), you can define the 12 files to be backup up in the Include Filter.

Case 2)
Although you may use RTS to monitor the folder in which the zip-file is created, and launch FFS upon detecting any such change, it does not seem to make much sense.
As FFS does not ZIP (or compress in any other way) you need your batch-file to do the zipping anyway.
So, you know that the zip-file has changed after the zip has completed and must to be copied (to your Google Drive sub-folder). So it makes no sense to use FFS to do a Compare and then conclude the file needs to be copied. You already knew that.
I would suggest to simply stay with your batch-file for zipping and copying ...