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Post by EirasMozz

Hey! I have a question:

I have two hard drives with backup. But, in one after a reorganization, I make some changes in name and hierarchy of folder. Otherwise, they have exactly the same content... same files etc.

But when I use "compare" to show the files in the two sides, FreeFileSync show that I need to sync files that I've already in the other side (that's because in the other side, i have the reorganization of folders)

Is there a way to make FreeFileSync don't show the files that i have alredy in other side, even with the folder reorganization?
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Post by therube

I don't think so.
The most it can do, perhaps, depending on the sync method, is to recognize renamed files.

Is your changed hierarchy close enough that it could be as simple as adjusting the path to the (destination') tree?

Like if before it was [backup]/workfiles/ & now it is [backup]/newworkfiles/2020/.

(I'm guessing it is not, but...)
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Post by Plerry

If you want to continue using different folder names inside your left vs right root location, the only way is to define more detailed left-right folder pairs, possibly in combination with suitable Exclude Filter settings.
E.g. (using the Windows backslash notation)
You presently sync the two root locations C:\C1 (left) with D:\D1 (right), and most of the folders inside C1 and and D1 have the same name, but folder D:\D1\Aright is actually the counterpart of C:\C1\Aleft and D:\D1\Bright is actually the counterpart of C:\C1\Bleft.
Instead of having a single left-right pair C:\C1 and D:\D1 you can define three pairs:
  • A first left-right pair C:\C1 and D:\D1
    with \Aright\, \Aleft\, \Bright\ and \Bleft\ added to the local (or global) Exclude Filter.
  • A second left-right pair of C:\C1\Aleft and D:\D1\Aright
    (with no extra filter settings)
  • A second left-right pair of C:\C1\Bleft and D:\D1\Bright
    (with no extra filter settings)